Monday, February 9, 2009

Perception of Happiness!

Okay ! After some healthy arguments and discussions on the sinusoidal wave post ( people do read my blog), it is perceived that some people are just plainly lucky that their wave is just soaring high, rarely coming down, while some have more than one's share on the negative phase, sometimes the negative phase refusing to change direction at all.

Is this true?
I did put serious thought to it for few weeks ( while wondering about my own vanilla list). Thinking on these lines I wondered so who decides what is happiness?
I think happiness is totally a perception, it is how you define it. More than just meeting needs and some of your wants, it is defined by each individual and also it is constantly changing through out the life time.

For example, when I was in school, my ultimate was always going into a college, so you can wear colour dress and be independent. In college, definition of independence changed, so now it was all about getting a job, earn good money and ofcourse finding the man of your dreams ( it wasn’t that easy you see). After college, placed on campus was not just enough, wanted to get married and have kids.

So I guess when you want something and get it, you get soo used to your gifted life, that you start expecting more, rather than relish what you have. You just take what you have for granted and await for ‘something big’ to happen. We spend all our life waiting for a miracle, wanting more and more. How often do we find someone who just say ‘I have everything I want and I am totally happy’. There is always something missing in the jig saw.

Now if I look back, there was a time while I was working, I had everything ( I still have everything….almost) completed the course I wanted, had a great job, had great friends, had more money than I could spend ( well spent everything on international calls), had the love of my life, had an adorable family, cooking, cleaning, washing, even ironing was taken care of. There was absolutely nothing I could have wanted more. But I don’t think I was that happy then. Then it struck me, i might just look back at this phase and have the same feeling.

This must be God’s plan. He cant be worried with people going to Him every other day with different requests. He would leave it to ‘karma’ and Sine wave so you have a flow in life, so you can appreciate life.

Moral of the story is basically:

1) Happiness is not just being in the positive phase, but also acknowledging the fact that you are actually on the positive phase - Instead wanting more and more, enjoy what you have right now, every moment you have. May be in future you might not even have this
2) Trust. Have immense trust in life - You are a good person, you have enough good karma from your share, your parents share of good karma and ofcourse hubi dear being genuinely nice to the world, shares his share of karma as well. So life would treat you well. If you are in negative phase, based on all the karma and schema of life, you would come back to your quota of good things

So don’t stop, continue storing more and more good karma. You would need it for you, your family and your kids as well.


Neeraja said...

I just love this post. You nailed it. Each and every line makes sense and so true.

I received this advice from someone dear. Dont Hoard. Be it material or ill feelings. Clean up your closet, throw away or give away stuff, that helps you make space for newer things to come. Newer things only energises you. The more you hoard the more worries you get.
It applies to your mind as well. Get rid of ill feelings and bad thoughts. It has nothing to do with forgiveness. You dont have to forgive yourself or anyone else, just forget it. This leads you to discover and make space for newer nicer feelings.
I really think this can lead to happiness besides all the other points you laid out
Hope I made sense :)

busyblogger said...

haha i am sooo glad someone managed to read this post, understood it and have acknowledged.very proud of you my friend.Thanks. ALso yes have never thought about the point you have mentioned, but it makes lot of sense.