Tuesday, February 10, 2009

21 things to mess up your already troubled mind

Peer pressure from lazy bloger and lavender made me start writing a list. I first started writing 'I am not so vanilla list' , could not come up anything, then moved on to the 25 list that lazybloger tagged me into in facebook. Tried to contain the list within 20, but as you can see, couldn’t do it. What I expect from you readers is if there is any point you tend to agree or disagree or have answers to, then mention the number and write your comments.

1) Why is a yawn contagious?
2) How come listening to illaiyaraja’s songs now still kindles memories in you, while as much as you loved some of ( all of ) ARRs songs, you cant listen to them with the same feeling ?
3) How both my brothers looks exactly the same through the last decade while I look my age ?
4) How everyone has a totally different nose structure that you hardly see any two noses alike?
5) How the hell astrology, sun signs works. How can two people born during a specific period in different backgrounds share common personality ?
6) How the hell does telepathy work ? happens all the time for me, I can sense when hubi is typing me a message.
7) How come when I try and cook something really really simple it tastes quite nice, while I try really hard it sucks ? – my rasam tastes delicious compared to vada curry! Even though I spend 15 minutes and 45 minutes repectively, leave alone 2 hours of dhal soaking time
8) How did my mom manage to raise several kids in my family, with minimal support and still have the energy to raise grand kids ?
9) How my mom in law managed to have a career and 2 kids ? How she takes care of grand kids with the same energy and is so much more quicker than me ?
10) How come there are some books I can never complete reading, even though I would love to, I have couple of them half done for like a 4 years now. Everytime I start reading I rarely go beyond a certain stage?
11) How my little girl can finish an icecream in record time and ask for more, while she takes ages to finish a small bowl of perfectly right temperature, mashed rice? - it tastes delicious mind you
12) Why it is so hard to remember a dream the second you wake up ?
13) How the previous generation mums / mums in law are so satisfied with just husband, kids and their kids with no going out with friends, catching a movie with mates, day out with friends etc?
14) Why only the mother is able to understand what the kid speaks while everyone else thinks it gibberish, including the father ?
15) How come you tend to remember the lines of some songs even though you haven’t listened to it in ages?
16) How come you are so irritable and annoyed on a hot day while you don’t seem so on an extremely cold day?
17) How come fathers tend to love their daughters, while you were nothing but a PIA all the time? – I know a few examples
18) How you have friends to whom you don’t have to email or make calls, but when you do you can just continue like you have been in touch all the time ?
19) How actresses who were introduced as a tan heroine ends up fair towards mid to end of their career ( radha, radhika, simran etc)
20) How does Benny Dayal change his voice in every song, that it is almost impossible to recognise him in some songs?
21) How can a music director / lyricist bring out the feeling/ theme of a movie in songs? – I wonder each time I listen to Uyire


crazy me said...

Tan Simran?? Really?? I can't recollect the first movie.

But mom-in-laws and energy levels...Phew! Beats me too...

--Nice list..can't think of anything more to add.

Senthil said...

#7 I think time does matters here. If we cook for a less time most of our thoughts on Rasam. More time more thoughts goes around. if thoughts are good food taste will come well.


telepathy works only hubi then it is (tele)pathy Bakthi

Lavendar said...

Why are we always trying to figure things out? why can't we just accept the things as the way they are? We just can't do this, can we?

busyblogger said...

that would be question 22, that woudl trouble my mind !

Lavendar said...

yeah, I too have this constant line of questions in my mind every second I am awake. why? what? where? when? how? just nonstop....sometimes my mind gets sooo overloaded with these questions that I feel very tired without having even lifted my finger.

busyblogger said...

crazy me..do you remember superhit mukhabula or tere mere sapne..simran was dusky..not as much as radha, but not fair definitely

Lakshmi K said...

18 ... so true