Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Andrum Indrum ( Then and Now )

There are always things that you thought was impossible. With due course of time your perception changes, things you never thought would happen do happen. Here is a list of things i never thought would happen
1) Then - Aravind swamy looked so 'hot' lighting his cigarette in the kitchen, in the movie ‘Roja’. Now- I cant stop screaming at hubi for stealing my lighter from the pooja room to light his smoke (he quotes this allll the time !)

2) Then – A husband calling his wife ‘darling’ is the most romantic thing in the world. Now – when hubi calls me ‘darling’ my response invariably is, now what? Coz I know it is followed by something – bunch of friends confirmed this is the case with them too !

3) Then – I would get upset with my mom for cooking idly everyday. There was a day when we had this big fight over eating Idly on a weekend. me and my br ended up doing a 'take away' for breakfast refusing to touch the Idly. Now – Since I suck at making Idly , I crave for it all the time. I think when I go to India, I will ask my mom to make Idly everyday. ( i am sure she will laugh)

4) Then – Daddy used to be upset when we watched TV in study holidays and would be chasing us to our rooms. Now – daddy was watching cricket before his exam ( the man is doing his diploma in psychology at the age of 74!!) and we could say “daddy go into your room and study for your exam”

5) Then - Birthdays mean, waking up early, dressing up, taking a tray of red and blue caramilk chocolates to the neighbours. Now I would rather prefer that my neighbours dint know about my birthday, so they wouldn’t know how old I am ( I don’t think they even know my name)

6) Then – When mummy called me ‘papa’ I was always upset, I wasn’t a little girl anymore - I was a grown up ( I was probably 10!). Now – I am soo glad she still calls me ‘papa’ coz I am sooo damn young at heart..hehe

7) Then – Ms.SA and I would spend 7 hours at school, sitting next to each other and chatting, and the minute I am home SA would call me and we would be on the phone for the next 1.5 hours to discuss what happenned at school that day. Now – I cant remember the last time I spoke to her, I think on her birthday in November 2008 !

8) Then – we decide to watch a movie on our way back from work. Now – we plan 1 month ahead, fix our dates, book our tickets and pray no one falls sick during the weekend, watch the movie in fear hoping little miss cranky pants would watch the movie without any dramas

9) Then – I would scream out loud looking at a cockroach and expect someone to get rid of it while I stand far away from the crime scene. Now – Baby finds these bugs, come screaming to me and I am expected to fight the crime…well kill the bugs and spiders. Guess what I do it - i am not scared anymore, atleast thats what i tell baby !!!

10) Then – All we had was the sun, Sun reminded of hot, hotter and hottest. Wore masks, Bandhanas, gloves to cover every part of the body ( I was one of those zombies driving scooty in the late 90s). Would stay in the AC room to protect the complexion (duh !). Now – looking out for one weekend with nice warm sun. So I can take a walk, take the train to the city and finish alllll my laundry.

11) Then - 6 ( H, N, SA,SS,SuB and me) of us would spend alll day together in college, spent weekends together, watched movies (and MNM in sun TV) together and sometimes even studied together. Now - i wonder if all 6 of us would ever in the same country at one point of time or ever meet again :(