Thursday, May 27, 2010

Priceless !!!

Entry ticket to the park - $ 12.50

Ice cream for 3 - $ 9.90

Expression on hubi when my toddler sings " Girly ! Girly ! Girly ! Daddy is Girly !" when he opens his pink colour strawberry ice cream


p.s - me and baby decided to have chocolate ice cream while hubi wanted his favorite strawberry flavor and the song was unheard of until that minute - she made it up herself !!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hate list

Very busy at work, havent updated my blog and definitely do not want 'useless information' to be on top each time i check. what is the easiest thing to write about - ME, what is easiest thing to write about ME - Things i hate ofcourse ( started writing things i love and got stuck with 2 points, while hate..had to put a stop with 10!)
1) I hate it when people call me ‘Raj’ I am no Sharukh khan ( which by the way is a very sexy name for him..), I absolutely despise when someone calls ‘Ravi’
2) I hate it when someone asks “ how old is your boy” when baby is dressed in a colour that is not pink ! What is wrong with a short hair, red top and denim? Why should girls be girlie from day 1!!!
3) I hate desis who complaint about their fellow employees from India based on their accent and communication skills. You were one of them like..3 months ago…
4) I hate my candidates who talk about new job opportunities 2 days after starting on the job
5) I hate to terminate contracts, especially the unsuspecting ones who don’t know why I have organised the meeting. I watched the entire ‘Up in the Air’ movie thinking of this, being a HR is no fun
6) I hate it when a restaurant serves poor quality food (sometimes quantity), usually it’s a takeaway and I can’t even complain
7) I hate anonymous Orkut scrap messages, that says ‘hello’
8) I hate Tamil movies when they use heroine for lady luck – apparently a movie is a hit based on the luck of the heroine – 'Trisha' is named a lucky heroine and 'Nila' was unlucky - whatever!
9) I hate it when Indian actresses after marriage end up acting as a mother to the hero, even though they would have acted as a pair like 3 years ago - when Kamal acted with Srividya i was heart broken, don't even start on simran/surya
10) I hate people from the ‘fake accent university’ – desi bloke with a perfect Australian accent; well you need it at work, but to speak to a fellow desi guy..note with no other ausie guys around !- Why ! Why!