Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My 2 cents worth !

This blog is about my 2 cents worth opinion on life, my lessons learnt from animated movies and things I thought was interesting after my research on internet.

1) Your love and respect for your mom goes to a whole new level when you become a mom yourself – wonder if men have similar feelings about their dads !
2) Having said that for men I believe their love and respect for mom goes to a whole new level when they move out of mom’s house and to another level when their get married.
3) Women would love to share their problems, work issues with partners/friends as a vent. It does not mean they are looking for a solution or an opinion. The recipient is just expected to go with the flow and acknowledge the venting. Trying it solve it will bring up an argument, trying to find fault / taking sides will mark doomsday.
4) When Men have issues, they would rather go out with their friends for beer than talk about it. They may never discuss the problems, either quietly think about it over a drink or get completely distracted from the issue. This works fine for them - This does not mean he values/trusts his friends more than you ( msg for a good friend!)
5) Life is a wave, when you have your share of crap just hang in there with hope, it takes a turn and goes up again. End of the day it all balances out. Infact you tend to appreciate the tiny little good things like no traffic on road, good cup of coffee when you have had your share of crap.
6) Life is a lot better when you start appreciating the little things as above. There are times you won’t even have them
7) Even when you have everything you never feel contended, you still find a way to long for something you don’t have. Always look back at your life, it will give you enough reasons to be happy today
8) Life is wonderful when you accept people, job and other things as they are. The more flaws you find the unhappy you get. But if you cannot find anything positive/ if it isn’t adding any value to your life you should move on.
9) All the wonderful things you get at home are taken as default and you never realize the real worth until you are deprived of it. You even start missing the fighting with big brother for the remote/ last piece of a chocolate..even the idly that drove you nuts by appearing in the breakfast table on a daily basis for 25 years.
10) 50 % of the toys you buy for your kids are things that you wanted to play as a kid or hoping your child will give you a turn to play with it.

Picked up from cartoons

11) Lion King - When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on to the world. Works perfectly for me..if not for anyone else – it is a wonderful feeling
12) Cars - Winning is not everything. When you lose, it prepares you to be strong and more prepared for the next venture.
13) Tangled – Dream, pursue your dream. Nothing else gives you the contentment of living your dream..…and then don’t forget to go find another dream, otherwise life gets boring
14) Happy Feat/Ratatouille/Dumbo – Being unique is not necessarily the bad thing. How you use it makes the whole difference
15) Tom & Jerry – Fighting with someone does not necessarily make them your enemy. If you don’t have them, your life isn’t complete. Strangely lot of marriages work this way :)

From Research – Strange Syndromes

16) Stockholm Syndrome - Paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors. The victims became emotionally attached to their captors, and even defended them after they were freed. I sort of understand Aishwarya Rai/Vikram in Ravanan movie ( never thought Sita had a thing for Ravanan in the epic though)
17) Lima Syndrome – Inverse of Stockholm syndrome in which abductors develop sympathy for their hostages. Roja movie?
18) Folie à deux Syndrome - (from the French for “a madness shared by two”) is a rare psychiatric syndrome in which a symptom of psychosis is transmitted from one person to another. This disorder usually happens with people living in close proximity to one another – such as husbands and wives
19) Pica- Pica is a compulsion to eat non-edible objects. Sufferers have been known to consume paper, dirt, paint, hair, glue, rocks, lint and laundry detergent. There is no concrete cause, but pica is believed by many to result from a mineral deficiency, and as such, it's found most frequently in pregnant women - Eating sambal is probably not a myth or craziness..merely deficiency
20) Blog de’ net Syndrome – a Syndrome where a person who is constantly demotivated/ bored at work updates Facebook, comments on other’s wall constantly, write blog articles with non-sense and tortures everyone to read it. ME :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tamil Movie Reviews

Ko – second directorial venture for KV Anand. Casting - Jeeva, Ajmal, Karthika ( Radha’s daughter) and Piaa Bajpai ( from Goa/Poi Solla Porom).
The movie is a political thriller about a bunch of smart, sensible youth trying their chances in politics against several odds. Jeeva plays a photo journalist whose path crosses the youth leader Ajmal.
The story is crisp and the screenplay is fantastic, keeps you guessing the next scene with the number of twists. Like a good recipe its got pinch of romance, pinch of comedy, politics, ethics, modern life, songs, stunts well pretty much everything in a typical tamil movie plus a good script. The script is well balanced by good artists. Jeeva’s role has a subtle sarcasm, pun and seriousness and he has portrayed it brilliantly. Ajmal is pretty good and delivers what is expected and Piaa steals the show with her bubbly girl role..which when overdone gets annoying, but she has carried it quite well. Karthika, i was told off by KV and hubi for my critical reviews as its her first movie..but seriously she dint have to do much in the movie and her eyebrows are really distracting, most times we were just wondering if she has raised her eye brow or if it a malfunctioning beautician ( if that makes sense). All in all good entertainer. Oh! I still don’t know why there was a party song with all the star appearing and dancing esp. with Harris Jayaraj in the group trying to fit in :)
P.s - I remember vaguely about KV Anand’s interview months ago where he had mentioned – Ko means ‘King’, like used in ‘Kavi Ko’ to praise a good poet. (if anyone was wondering). The movie is also meant to reposition journalist as many people associate journalists to people with long jippa, glasses, beard and ‘jolna’ bag. Well KVA himself started his career as a photo journalist before a cinematographer and Director.

Vaanam – Telugu remake of the movie ‘Vedam’ by director ‘Krish’ with Simbu, Bharath, Anushka, Prakash Raj, Saranya and Vega ( Saroja from ‘Saroja’ / Sobhi kannu from ‘Pasanga’)
To begin with ‘ do not judge a book by its cover’- With Simbu in lead and not so appealing songs, if you thought this was yet another masala, triangle love story, you couldn’t be more wrong.
The movie has an excellent screenplay, a narrative type showing life style of 5 different people, their ideologies, their ambitions. Each has a justification for why they believe what they believe and you sort of tend to agree with each one. The story moves from one group to another carefully not confusing, not annoying but simply keeping you wondering how, when and where it is going to merge. When they do meet, it gets very interesting. The movie touches on several different social issues like the life of sex workers, selfish high society boy, selfless sardarji, rich, poor, good and bad police officers, religious groups encouraging violence, moral policing etc. How each of the character comes across the social situations and how it changes their beliefs is what the movie is all about.
Quick snapshot Bharath’s role is similar to his Bob Gally, he has carried it quite well. Anushka has done good justice to her role. Needless to say Saranya and Prakash Raj does what is expected of the role.
But of all people Simbu’s role is a meaty one, he comes around as a cool dude flirting around, then cable raja – a cable guy in a slum joking around with Santhanam (who by the way is very good with his sarcastic jokes with good timing. Example – His mockery about VTV Ganesh’s voice is hilarious), a desperate boy friend fighting his conscience for his dream. He has carried every single part exceptionally well. I must confess Simbu’s performance gets more and more matured and less and less annoying. I am beginning to like him against all odds and prejudice, lets be honest it wouldn’t have been easy living under the same roof as TR and we need to cut some slack to the dude :)

Maapillai Cast - Dhanush, Hanshika Motwani, Manisha Koirala. Well i am writing a review merely because i happened to watch this in the same week as the above 2 movies and not because the villi’s name is ‘Rajeswari’ .Remake of the Rajinikanth’s hit movie ‘Mapillai’, the director did not have to worry much about story or screenplay. Had to simply find a new heroine, villi and comedy track and has failed miserably on all 3. Vivek’s comedy was predominantly annoying, why he had to do a silly voice is beyond me. Manisha Koirala..why? how did anyone think she could fill in the role so well portrayed by Srividhya. With no lip sync and looking like older sister to the 2 chubby kids doesn’t help at all. Hansika even worse. Why do we need to import more and more north Indian heroines who cant even do a decent lip sync ? Almost looks like a lead dancer for the songs and nothing more. Only good thing is Dhanush, but he had to be the hero and comedian and make up for all the failures. He has done a good job but not enough for us to sit through the entire movie. Thank God for the remote control, managed to finish the movie in just over an hour :)
Rating – minus 2/5