Sunday, November 30, 2008

Short and sweet

After dear buddy commented that it took a looong time to finish reading my blog, i have written a short one now.It is more for you to check the link


A lot of times we listen to some kollywood songs and get reminded of some english, hindi songs we know of. Soemtimes it is recycled music of the same music director in a different language.
There have been obvious deva songs, few harris songs, here is one I came across.
Thanks to youtube and vetti time in hand

Oh Venilla – Kushi

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Songs that ruled the year !

Kollywood releases a zillion movies every year and there is just 1 song that stands out for the whole year, sometimes two. I have listed a few I thought ruled the year.

1) Kamal hits – Yengeyum Yeppodhum , Illaimai Idho Idho
Don’t remember much except as a kid heard this song too many times. It set a new trend to the songs in 80s and sure was a hit then. Both had great music, great dancing, SPB and ofcourse Kamal in it. A class in its own time

2) Aatama Therottama, Movie : Captain Prabhakaran
The movie gave our Captain his title. But this song sure did rule that year. The casting was average, we had Livingston dancing for this for God sake ! But Ramya akka (Babu thinks she looks like a patient now!) sure did a great job and the music, singer and choreography all contributed to the success. Only off point was captain running around in between the song wearing torch light in his head ! ( well I must confess I danced for this song in a group dance competition and dint win hehe)

3) Ek Dho Theen, Movie : Tezaab
Who says you need good lyrics for a song, you can even have ABCs or 123s if you have a mix of everything else right. Oh ! my God. There was not a single dance competition in 90s that went without a group dancing for this song. People who did not know a word of hindi could easily say 1 – 12 in hindi, thanks to Madhuri Dixit, who rose to the dream girl of the decade after this song. This had everything you can ask for in a song !

4) Choli ke peeche kya hai, Movie: Kalnaayak
With all the controversial lyrics, the song was an ultimate hit even before the movie was released. Costume and choreography complimented the obscene lyrics, but ofcourse hit of the year (confession again, I danced for this song too, ya ya another group dance competition and guess what ..won the first prize )

5) Aasai adhigam vachu, Movie: Marupadiyum
Seriously who would have thought Rohini could dance so well. Not much of hype for this song before the movie got released, yet this song did its turn to rule. I think the best thing was the picturization and the choreography. ( I remember one girl in the group could not dance at all but still got a place to stand too close to the camera!)

6) Chikku Bukku Raiyule, Movie : Gentleman
One song where the lyrics played a key role. Shankar / ARR combo, prabhu deva dance. Song was a hit before the movie hit the screens and post release, song was a bigger hit. (Confession yet again, danced for this song too and won second place.)

7) Pettai Rap , Movie : Kaadhalan
Another Shankar/ ARR/ prabhu deva combination. The song had funny lyrics, great beat, awesome dance and even comedy in it. Sure have heard it too many times that most of us even know the lyrics byheart.

8) Malai malai marudhamalai, Movie : Chocolat
A sure hit in all girls hostels ( no confession this time !!!!)New voice, great dancing, pretty girls, meaningless lyrics. What more do you need for a hit song ?

9) Manmadha raasa – Movie: Thiruda Thirudi
Cant say what was standing out in this song that made it such a sooper dooper hit. But the test with the new voice was a success. Then the location, choreography, dancers and costume just took it to rooftop. Sure hit among the kids.

10) Following the Manmadha raasa trend, everyone tried their luck with new odd voices, fast paced dancing, very pretty models
Cheena Thaana Doi, Movie : Vasool Raja
Vaala meenukum Velangu meenukkum, Movie : Chithiram pesudhadi
Kathazha Kannala, Movie : Anjadhey and now Naaka Mooka, Movie : Kaadhalil Vizhundhen

Movie Review

Ok after years of planning to start a blog, finally it is surya / gautham / Harris team and offcourse some time in my busy life (duh!) to start my own blog !
Where should I start.
Oh ! well every tom, dick and harry writes their own review about every movie they watch. The sun tv guy wears a suit , walks up and down the stage and gives a 2 line review about every movie ( after sathyaraj mocking him in one of his movies, condemning him for sitting down and deciding fate of multi crore movies in 60 seconds, he must have decided to walk in the show).

Here is my review on the most recent movie I watched “ Vaaranam Aayiram”. To begin with there was so much of talk regarding this title, explanations were given to our manavaadus as to what it meant, again another rumour that it had something to do with ‘Forest Gump’ wonder what ! may be the weird title ??? Gautham sure did realise it, so made simran utter something meaningless in the last scene mentioning the title.

Anyway got to start with Surya first...What can I say?
Watching him as a lover boy in Nerukku Ner to this movie, you can definitely notice his change in everything I guess, dance, dressing sense, acting, voice modulation. Man he is one determined hardworker. I still cant imagine how they made him look like a 17 year old. Can brocholli do this magic ? Surya as brand ambassador for brocholli can do what Poppoye did to Spinach ! I am sure all the mechanical boys would be in their flash back thinking about their experience with ‘ Heat and Mass Transfer’.

The first half is truly magical. The whole Surya- Sameera episode is like a poem. I must mention the music here. Every song ‘Mundhinam Paarthene’ – So much hype for the 2 lines surya speaks than Naresh Iyer and Prashanthini but their voices go soo well together. ‘Nenjukkul paidhidum ‘, what can you say, a typical hariharan song.’Yethi Yethi’ – Picturisation is very cute, especially MJ.haha seriously surya super dhan but why do they have so many voices in one song, it makes me listen to the song a zillion times to differentiate which voice goes for what line. Why cant life be simple like the 80s were there were just 2 voices in the whole song.

Anyway coming back to story line, the story sort of drags after sameera is gone.
I somehow feel the dad-kiddo relationship could have been better. With all sentences of surya ending with daddy, I could not see the dad as an inspiring hero, except for the situation when he drives the lorry I guess. Well its nice when daddy says bring your girl friends home and talk, but is it such a big deal?? may be it’s a boys thing ! Also when surya says to his dad that he should relax in life while the dad was actually lying down and reading novel was like ( naan ippo mattum yenna panren ! ) It would have been nice if they had shown the dad rose to some situation and showed some heroism. I think Simran was as much a model mom with all the hype for the dad. She stood by both suryas throughout the movie like a strong, determined lady. Btw why did they have a poor sister in all scenes with no talk of her marriage, while her own classmate was married to the brother and had a kid !

Bablu as villain and the background score during the kidnap, as friend KV says is a disaster. Gautham showing just his eyes in the climax is a true ‘hehe’ moment.
Annnal mele panni thulli was a true Bombay Jayashree piece, even though Sudha did as much justice. Anjala , kathick’s pronounciation is very good. After listening to many udit narayan, kher songs, its truly nice to hear such good tamil.
Overall Vaaranam aayiram deserves ‘Thoranam Aayiram’