Sunday, November 30, 2008

Short and sweet

After dear buddy commented that it took a looong time to finish reading my blog, i have written a short one now.It is more for you to check the link


A lot of times we listen to some kollywood songs and get reminded of some english, hindi songs we know of. Soemtimes it is recycled music of the same music director in a different language.
There have been obvious deva songs, few harris songs, here is one I came across.
Thanks to youtube and vetti time in hand

Oh Venilla – Kushi


LAVENDAR said...

Hey...guess who this is? Nice blogs by the way!

busyblogger said...

sharmi ???thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments

LAVENDAR said...

yethu sharmi-a? athu yaaru? seri oru clue tharen..."neruthaama vanthuttu periya paruppu maathiri pesara?"....ippa theriyuthaa?