Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Talk of the Town - ARR

What is a blog without mentioning Oscars and ARR and ofcourse Pookutty ( funny name ya!).

There are only 4 comments you hear from Indians
1. SDM is not ARRs best performance ( Ok, so what !)
2. Illaiyaraja deserves an Oscar ( Okaay, okay, so what ! .. with all due respect and love to isaigyani)
3. Why is Oscar so important to us ( adangappa niruthungapa unga polambala)
4. Arguments on how they have portrayed slums in Mumbai, is it that bad, how we have progressed..blah blah blah blah

For the moment, we have won 3 Oscars, yes that many. We had a man stand up in the stage and speak in Tamil. Relish this moment, enjoy the glory ( I made it a point to mention Oscars to all my colleagues, then about ARR and then translate what he said in Tamil…it was a WOW moment)

So friends and family lets take a moment to say wooo hoooo !

Thursday, February 19, 2009

List of useless information

I have received some feedback, that my posts have become very serious and on the high end (duh !). So like our kollywood heros performing in masala movies, here is typical masala post especially for you kollywood fans.
The aim of this post is to basically to make you say ‘ rombha mukhiyam’ pretty much end of every point you read. I have carefully screened information so none of these are good information. This is junk and junk only list.

1) Actress Sadha’s real name is Sadhaaf Mohammed Syed (Born 17 February 1984, in India) .She had completed her first semester in her Engineering in Information Technology at SNDT College of Engineering, Mumbai.
2) Diana Kurien (born 18 November 1984 in Kerala, India), is popularly known as Nayantara
3) Lakshmi's first husband is Baskar and her most recent husband sivachandran appear in 2 different serials in Sun TV ( Kollangal and Arasi).
4) Did you know jeyam ravi appears with toppa in some movies/scenes. Not sure why, but so does prabhu, bhagyaraj,karthick and amitabh bhachan
5) Sandhya, the tamil actress's real name is Revathy. She was born in Kerala in 1989 !!!
6) Actor Ravichandran married actress Sheela. Afterwards they got separated. Their son Vishnu acted in the movie "Kaathal Rojave" directed by Keyaar. ( i knew he resembled some familiar face!)
7) In "Melnaattu Marumahal" Kamahaasan's first pair was Vaani Ganapathy. But instead of Vaani, Jayasudha acted in that role. Afterwards Vani Ganapathy became Vaani Kamal.
8) Sarihaa acted in a small role in "Tic, Tic, Tic" before she married Kamal.
9) The shooting of "Thillu Mullu" took place at Sowkar Janaki's house. Latha came to interview Rajini for her college magazine, ended up marrying him.
10) Pooja (born 25 June 1981 as Pooja Gautami Umashankar in Sri Lanka) has a Masters Degree in Business & Management. She hails from the state of Karnataka, her mother is Sinhala and her father is Tamil.
11) Asin Thottumkal (born on October 26, 1985).Her father is a businessman and her mother a surgeon. She has completed her B.A. English Literature
12) Mamathi Chari , Sun TV Hostess of the show Rani Maharani was Miss Chennai 2000 finalists 13) As you all know Manirathnam writes his own screenplay, but did you know ‘Ram Gopal Varma’ wrote screenplay for ‘Thiruda Thiruda’
14) Actor Shaams real name is Shamsudeen. Shaam is from Madurai he studied in B'lore.(B.Com)
15) Actor Abass full name is Abass ali (hehe)
16) Bharathiraja’s real name is chinnasamy, Illaiyaraja’s is Gnanadesikan and Vairamuthu’s is Ramasamy
17) Amala was born in West Bengal to an Irish Mother and Bengali Father
18) Roja did her Masters degree in Political Science from Nagarjuna University !!!! (wikipedia, i need proof)
19) Anu Haasan has earned a degree in MSc and Management Degree from BITS Pilani, she is a martial arts student (kaLari art; has trained in Chiramam, Silambam, Kurunthadi and Kaipoor) and also a proficient basketball player who has represented the Trichy district
20) Actor Jeeva ( Raam, E) acted as a child artist in Suryavamsam and cheran pandian
21) Sruthi Haasan’s full name is Sruthi Rajalakshmi Haasan, has got a degree in psychology and has appeared in the Verve magazine. Her younger sister Akshara Haasan represents India nationally in Ballroom Latin dancing
22) Singer Karthick and Srinivas are both born on November 7th (so is Kamal Haasan) and interestingly Srinivas recommended Karthick to ARR. Btw srnivas was born in 1959, turning 50 this year !!
23) Preity zinta was born in 1975 and has a degree in criminal psychology
24) Actresses Rambha, Silk Smitha and Madhavi’s real name is Vijaya Lakshmi !
25) Actress Kaniha dubbed for Sadaa in Anniyan and for Shriya Saran in Sivaji. Deepa Venkat dubbed for Simran in Kannathil Mutham Ittal.Singer Chinmayi had dubbed for Bhumika in Sillunnu oru kaadhal, Tanisha in Unnale Unnale and Padmapriya in Sattham Podathey. Jayashree [of thendrale ennai todu fame] dubbed for Geetha in Azhagan and Jyothika in Pachaikili.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

21 things to mess up your already troubled mind

Peer pressure from lazy bloger and lavender made me start writing a list. I first started writing 'I am not so vanilla list' , could not come up anything, then moved on to the 25 list that lazybloger tagged me into in facebook. Tried to contain the list within 20, but as you can see, couldn’t do it. What I expect from you readers is if there is any point you tend to agree or disagree or have answers to, then mention the number and write your comments.

1) Why is a yawn contagious?
2) How come listening to illaiyaraja’s songs now still kindles memories in you, while as much as you loved some of ( all of ) ARRs songs, you cant listen to them with the same feeling ?
3) How both my brothers looks exactly the same through the last decade while I look my age ?
4) How everyone has a totally different nose structure that you hardly see any two noses alike?
5) How the hell astrology, sun signs works. How can two people born during a specific period in different backgrounds share common personality ?
6) How the hell does telepathy work ? happens all the time for me, I can sense when hubi is typing me a message.
7) How come when I try and cook something really really simple it tastes quite nice, while I try really hard it sucks ? – my rasam tastes delicious compared to vada curry! Even though I spend 15 minutes and 45 minutes repectively, leave alone 2 hours of dhal soaking time
8) How did my mom manage to raise several kids in my family, with minimal support and still have the energy to raise grand kids ?
9) How my mom in law managed to have a career and 2 kids ? How she takes care of grand kids with the same energy and is so much more quicker than me ?
10) How come there are some books I can never complete reading, even though I would love to, I have couple of them half done for like a 4 years now. Everytime I start reading I rarely go beyond a certain stage?
11) How my little girl can finish an icecream in record time and ask for more, while she takes ages to finish a small bowl of perfectly right temperature, mashed rice? - it tastes delicious mind you
12) Why it is so hard to remember a dream the second you wake up ?
13) How the previous generation mums / mums in law are so satisfied with just husband, kids and their kids with no going out with friends, catching a movie with mates, day out with friends etc?
14) Why only the mother is able to understand what the kid speaks while everyone else thinks it gibberish, including the father ?
15) How come you tend to remember the lines of some songs even though you haven’t listened to it in ages?
16) How come you are so irritable and annoyed on a hot day while you don’t seem so on an extremely cold day?
17) How come fathers tend to love their daughters, while you were nothing but a PIA all the time? – I know a few examples
18) How you have friends to whom you don’t have to email or make calls, but when you do you can just continue like you have been in touch all the time ?
19) How actresses who were introduced as a tan heroine ends up fair towards mid to end of their career ( radha, radhika, simran etc)
20) How does Benny Dayal change his voice in every song, that it is almost impossible to recognise him in some songs?
21) How can a music director / lyricist bring out the feeling/ theme of a movie in songs? – I wonder each time I listen to Uyire

Monday, February 9, 2009

Perception of Happiness!

Okay ! After some healthy arguments and discussions on the sinusoidal wave post ( people do read my blog), it is perceived that some people are just plainly lucky that their wave is just soaring high, rarely coming down, while some have more than one's share on the negative phase, sometimes the negative phase refusing to change direction at all.

Is this true?
I did put serious thought to it for few weeks ( while wondering about my own vanilla list). Thinking on these lines I wondered so who decides what is happiness?
I think happiness is totally a perception, it is how you define it. More than just meeting needs and some of your wants, it is defined by each individual and also it is constantly changing through out the life time.

For example, when I was in school, my ultimate was always going into a college, so you can wear colour dress and be independent. In college, definition of independence changed, so now it was all about getting a job, earn good money and ofcourse finding the man of your dreams ( it wasn’t that easy you see). After college, placed on campus was not just enough, wanted to get married and have kids.

So I guess when you want something and get it, you get soo used to your gifted life, that you start expecting more, rather than relish what you have. You just take what you have for granted and await for ‘something big’ to happen. We spend all our life waiting for a miracle, wanting more and more. How often do we find someone who just say ‘I have everything I want and I am totally happy’. There is always something missing in the jig saw.

Now if I look back, there was a time while I was working, I had everything ( I still have everything….almost) completed the course I wanted, had a great job, had great friends, had more money than I could spend ( well spent everything on international calls), had the love of my life, had an adorable family, cooking, cleaning, washing, even ironing was taken care of. There was absolutely nothing I could have wanted more. But I don’t think I was that happy then. Then it struck me, i might just look back at this phase and have the same feeling.

This must be God’s plan. He cant be worried with people going to Him every other day with different requests. He would leave it to ‘karma’ and Sine wave so you have a flow in life, so you can appreciate life.

Moral of the story is basically:

1) Happiness is not just being in the positive phase, but also acknowledging the fact that you are actually on the positive phase - Instead wanting more and more, enjoy what you have right now, every moment you have. May be in future you might not even have this
2) Trust. Have immense trust in life - You are a good person, you have enough good karma from your share, your parents share of good karma and ofcourse hubi dear being genuinely nice to the world, shares his share of karma as well. So life would treat you well. If you are in negative phase, based on all the karma and schema of life, you would come back to your quota of good things

So don’t stop, continue storing more and more good karma. You would need it for you, your family and your kids as well.