Sunday, March 29, 2009

List of useless information - Part 2

When the whole world is talking about global economy, while Australia is talking about Grand Prix, the tamil folks talking about even more important issue “vijay’s villu press meet, here I am still talking about the useless information. But by far this is the most popular post in my blog. So here is am with my useless information part 2.

1) Balu Mahendra’s actual name is Balanathan Mahendra, is a graduate from University of London, gold medalist from FTII in Pune. Mahendra is said to have witnessed the shooting of David Lean's The Bridge on the River Kwai and was so impressed that he decided to become a filmmaker.

2) Actress saritha was the 162nd girl auditioned for the lead role in "Marocharithra", when director Balachander decided she was the right actress. Marocharithra was later remade in hindi as “Ek Duje Ke Liye”

3) Suhasini is a trained costume designer, hair stylist and cinematographer. She is known as the first female student to graduate from the Madras Film Institute.

4) Priya Vasudev Mani Iyer June 4, 1983(1983-06-04), known as karuvachi / Priya mani is the cousin of Bollywood actress Vidya Balan

5) Do you believe this, Wikipedia does not have any information about namitha and mumtaz.shame shame puppy shame

6) Sathyraj was offered the role of suman in Sivaji and Napolean in Dasavatharam. He refused to act because he felt the role did not have importance

7) Bhavna and karthika initially went for the make-up test for Naan Kadavul hamsavalli role before Pooja passed the audition

8) Tamannah Bhatia was born on December 21, 1989 – WTH !!!

9) The person who plays the role of Arya's father in movie Naan Kadavul is a noted producer Azhagan Tamilmani who produced movies like Malayoor Mamattiyan, Anbulla Rajnikanth and Solai Kuyil

10) Meena was chosen to do the role of panjavarnam in thevar magan, she could not do it, hence it went to revathy who ended up winning the best supporting actress national award for this role !

11) Aishwarya rai was approached for neelambari role in padaiyappa and then shreya’s role in sivaji. She could not do it due to her prior commitments ( or so she claims..hehe), could not refuse when rajini’s team approached again for robot ! The man is quite persuasive ;)

12) We all know actress Soundarya died in a plane crash, did you know she came into acting while she was in the 1st year of MBBS!

13) The story of minsara kanavu was written for Ash, she could not do it as it clashed with Iruvar schedule, so Kajol replaced ash

14) Balachandar’s full name is kailasam Balachandar. Prior to his involvement in Indian cinema, he worked as a school teacher in Muthupet, Tiruvarur District.

15) While on K. Balachander, we all know he has been the mentor for rajini and Kamal, but did you know he introduced srividhya, Sujatha, saritha,YG mahendran, ramesh arvaind, madhavi, Sri Priya and Geetha in tamil.

16) Actress Jayapradha married producer Srikanth Nahala who was already married. He then had children with his first wife after marrying Jayapradha. So both wives decided to share him ! Dhoda

17) Vijay did his degree in visual communications in Loyolla along with surya and yuvan and is 1 year younger than prashanth ( they are both 35 and 36 respectively)

18) Manirathnam’s actual name is Gopala Ratnam Subramaniam Iyer and his first movies were in Kannada and Malayalam before he directed Pagal Nilavu ( murali and revathy) and Idhaya kovil ( mohan, ambika and radha)!!!

19) Ramya krishnan is the niece of the ace comedian Cho Ramaswamy

20) Bhumika Chawla born in August 1978 Her birth name is Rachna and she is married to Bharat Thakur, a yoga teacher !!!

21) Actor Prithiviraj Sukumaran ( Mozhi hero) was born in October 16, 1982 (grr). He was still pursuing his Bachelor's in Information Technology at the University of Tasmania, Australia when Fazil recommended him for a malayalam movie.

22) Kiran Rathod acted with Hrithik Roshan (as his fiancee) in the movie Yaadein !

23) Actress Radha is married to a successful hotelier Rajasekharan Nair and has three daughters. Since her marriage she has settled in Mumbai and is into restaurant business with her husband. Radha Park Inn?

24) Karthi Shivakumar born may 25, 1977, finished his Engineering from Crescent college and earned his M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Binghamton University, State University of New York, USA

25) Meera Chopra, also known as Nila was born in July,1977 (atleast she Is older than me), did her bachelor's degree from Saginaw Valley State University In Michigan. After studying mass communications in New York, Meera worked with a leading national television channel.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The few people you meet in haven..ahem work !

We come across different types of people in life - friends, family and at work. I don’t want to talk about family or friends and lose my readership ( I only have a handful reading it now). So lets get to work weirdos who would never read this blog. hehe. “yenna aanatha udungappa”


This guy walks in to work everyday at the same time, eats at the same time and leaves at the same time, views the same website everyday and all his shirts are either white or blue or a combination of white and blue. In detail, he walks in to work 8:30 everyday, browses sports news in “The Age” website for few minutes and then gets to work. You can never hear him, even when he is on the phone, he is absolutely quiet.At 12:03 you would see him next to microwave, heating his lunch or walking down the stairs to get food from café downstairs. Read general news from “The age” and “Sydney Morning Herald”. Leaves at 4:30, everyday. What is worse, when he works from home he starts at 8:00, allll the time. I have never seen him browse any other websites, speak loudly, eat late, step out for lunch ( I will check menu in the café, if I don’t like what is there, I will drive to the nearest shopping centre for lunch). For one week I had to sit next to this and it was horrible coz he wouldn’t chichat.


This guy is the loudest in the level 3. When I walk out of the elevator I know if he is in the office or not for sure. He is always on the phone talking (trust me ..always). Once I had to work in the ‘hot desk’ and I was praying he should not come in to work that day, but he sat right behind me and then it was all ‘start music’. I also heard him call his partner/wife I think and was saying how much work he has and how he was going to be late that evening. Then I saw him just walking up and down chit chatting.


This girl is sure the loner in the level 3. I have never seen her speak to any one.
Once she was standing next to me and said something and I almost answered, when I saw the Bluetooth on her ear ! You would have seen people listening to ipod in trains, while jogging, even in their desk, but not while you are walking inside the office. She walks around with the ipod. I have seen her sitting alone in the discussion tables working through spreadsheets.


Okay. I am being rude here. This is a nice Asian guy and each time I meet him in the kitchen he asks me for Indian cooking, recipes and restaurants. There is something about him that sort of gives a girlish feel. I have always seen him conversing with other women about similar topics and one day while I was waiting in the lights I saw him walk across with this huge ladies bag in his shoulders. Hehe and he wears this shiny black very pointed shoes like a ladies cut shoe. There is something about this guy.