Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family of Engineers

Vel with mum and dad - Port Melbourne
I have been a slacker and hadn't updated my blog in 11 months, now i am thinking refreshing this no matter anyone reads it or not :)
Here is a start - this is an article i wrote for my work newsletter circulated every month. i thought i will use this as a start.

For those of you who know me as a HR Consultant, here is a little blurb about me.I am an Electronics Engineer with an MBA in Information Systems. I have
been working in Human Resources for the past 10 years.Okay, you are now thinking I am just a confused soul. Here is my story.
I come from a family of Engineers, my dad a Civil Engineer, he was the Chief Engineer when they built the Nehru Stadium where the Commonwealth Games are held and revamped the assembly house in Chennai, one of the 4 metropolitan cities in India.

I have two older brothers, an Electronics Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer. With the three Engineers around me and the significant age difference, all I saw growing up was one brother wrecking everything around the house in the name of research from transistor radios to fridge lights (needless to say he works for the Government Power Research centre)
and the other challenging any idea or concept put forward to him (he works for the Government’s Patent Organisation reviewing ideas submitted by individuals or Organisations).

The common discussion on the dinner table would be how the calculation of the fluid discharge of hydraulic notch was wrong in the Fluid Dynamics book by Dr.Bansal and go on to prove it. I don’t remember them talking about anything but Engineering concepts or technology (only exception was cricket). My dad would usually borrow one of my books, Robotics or Computer
systems if he was flying on a business trip. No he doesn’t sleep or watch movies in the flight, yes he reads textbooks for pleasure!
With brothers and daughter

Although I did not find any of these as exciting as them, I could not think of doing anything but Engineering when I finished my VCE. As I learnt more and more, as much as I enjoyed programming an 8086/8088 microprocessor, I could not help thinking that the job opportunities I had were more to do with machines and not much with people which bothered me. That was when I decided to pursue a degree in something to do with people.

My family was quite pleased when I married an engineer but was appalled when I announced my decision to pursue Business Administration and not Engineering. To their satisfaction I took up dual specialization of Information Systems along with Human Resources. I absolutely enjoyed the Human part of it, so I stayed in this area ever since.

At the age of 75, my dad has finally turned around and said he finds Human Resources interesting. Needless to say, he has been reading my HR books that I left behind at my parents home when I moved to Australia. He is now enrolled into a Bachelor of Psychology course and has completed his first year of studies successfully. It’s quite funny that he submitted his first assignment – a hand written copy with margins drawn with pencil. He is now learning to use
Microsoft Office from my 9 year old nephew (did I mention my nephew wants to be an Engineer when he grows up!). I’m pleased to think I’ve had some influence on my dad as he did on me.