Thursday, February 19, 2009

List of useless information

I have received some feedback, that my posts have become very serious and on the high end (duh !). So like our kollywood heros performing in masala movies, here is typical masala post especially for you kollywood fans.
The aim of this post is to basically to make you say ‘ rombha mukhiyam’ pretty much end of every point you read. I have carefully screened information so none of these are good information. This is junk and junk only list.

1) Actress Sadha’s real name is Sadhaaf Mohammed Syed (Born 17 February 1984, in India) .She had completed her first semester in her Engineering in Information Technology at SNDT College of Engineering, Mumbai.
2) Diana Kurien (born 18 November 1984 in Kerala, India), is popularly known as Nayantara
3) Lakshmi's first husband is Baskar and her most recent husband sivachandran appear in 2 different serials in Sun TV ( Kollangal and Arasi).
4) Did you know jeyam ravi appears with toppa in some movies/scenes. Not sure why, but so does prabhu, bhagyaraj,karthick and amitabh bhachan
5) Sandhya, the tamil actress's real name is Revathy. She was born in Kerala in 1989 !!!
6) Actor Ravichandran married actress Sheela. Afterwards they got separated. Their son Vishnu acted in the movie "Kaathal Rojave" directed by Keyaar. ( i knew he resembled some familiar face!)
7) In "Melnaattu Marumahal" Kamahaasan's first pair was Vaani Ganapathy. But instead of Vaani, Jayasudha acted in that role. Afterwards Vani Ganapathy became Vaani Kamal.
8) Sarihaa acted in a small role in "Tic, Tic, Tic" before she married Kamal.
9) The shooting of "Thillu Mullu" took place at Sowkar Janaki's house. Latha came to interview Rajini for her college magazine, ended up marrying him.
10) Pooja (born 25 June 1981 as Pooja Gautami Umashankar in Sri Lanka) has a Masters Degree in Business & Management. She hails from the state of Karnataka, her mother is Sinhala and her father is Tamil.
11) Asin Thottumkal (born on October 26, 1985).Her father is a businessman and her mother a surgeon. She has completed her B.A. English Literature
12) Mamathi Chari , Sun TV Hostess of the show Rani Maharani was Miss Chennai 2000 finalists 13) As you all know Manirathnam writes his own screenplay, but did you know ‘Ram Gopal Varma’ wrote screenplay for ‘Thiruda Thiruda’
14) Actor Shaams real name is Shamsudeen. Shaam is from Madurai he studied in B'lore.(B.Com)
15) Actor Abass full name is Abass ali (hehe)
16) Bharathiraja’s real name is chinnasamy, Illaiyaraja’s is Gnanadesikan and Vairamuthu’s is Ramasamy
17) Amala was born in West Bengal to an Irish Mother and Bengali Father
18) Roja did her Masters degree in Political Science from Nagarjuna University !!!! (wikipedia, i need proof)
19) Anu Haasan has earned a degree in MSc and Management Degree from BITS Pilani, she is a martial arts student (kaLari art; has trained in Chiramam, Silambam, Kurunthadi and Kaipoor) and also a proficient basketball player who has represented the Trichy district
20) Actor Jeeva ( Raam, E) acted as a child artist in Suryavamsam and cheran pandian
21) Sruthi Haasan’s full name is Sruthi Rajalakshmi Haasan, has got a degree in psychology and has appeared in the Verve magazine. Her younger sister Akshara Haasan represents India nationally in Ballroom Latin dancing
22) Singer Karthick and Srinivas are both born on November 7th (so is Kamal Haasan) and interestingly Srinivas recommended Karthick to ARR. Btw srnivas was born in 1959, turning 50 this year !!
23) Preity zinta was born in 1975 and has a degree in criminal psychology
24) Actresses Rambha, Silk Smitha and Madhavi’s real name is Vijaya Lakshmi !
25) Actress Kaniha dubbed for Sadaa in Anniyan and for Shriya Saran in Sivaji. Deepa Venkat dubbed for Simran in Kannathil Mutham Ittal.Singer Chinmayi had dubbed for Bhumika in Sillunnu oru kaadhal, Tanisha in Unnale Unnale and Padmapriya in Sattham Podathey. Jayashree [of thendrale ennai todu fame] dubbed for Geetha in Azhagan and Jyothika in Pachaikili.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

is Asin really that young ???? thought she would be 27 or 28
why no informationa about trrrisaaaa .... one more useless information needed .... did mamthi chari act in any other movie or dramas ????

crazy me said...

And you actually resarched wikipedia for this wealth of info?? (seems like a good hobby to me hee hee)

Amigo said...

Your hard work and crystal clear facts will change the arid kollywood fans to a drenched one....

As per fans request you need to give out more information....

what to do, everyone need more masala these days....

Lavendar said...

I think this is the best post ever..:). Glad atleast one actress is older than me!!!!We need some more please........

Arun said...

Well done in collating all this information.Some of your useless facts guessed it...really useful...!

Jeyam ravi's toppas are proof that men have bad hair days too...its time for men to wake up and stand up for their rights..haha..
Thinking about a representative for men's would be close contest between Sivachandran and Baskar....

Bharathiraja’s real name is chinnasamy, Illaiyaraja’s is Gnanadesikan and Vairamuthu’s is Ramasamy -
ok this one answers a few questions. As a kid, I used to think that just because these people have unique sounding names, (Ilayaraja, Bharathiraja.....) they were very popular. I also used to believe that people with usual names never get popular. Kept pestering mom, why she decided to give me a usual name...cuz..I'm never gonna get popular with a "usual" name...hehe..
Kids these days, are too smart. Period.
You could perhaps, try to put less facts in each post..that!!! cannot ignore the really useless facts....

All up, excellent work..

busyblogger said...

ada paavingala...after soo many thoughtful( ahem !) posts, i give list of useless information and in 24 hours i get 6 comments...idhellam wonder our heros do so many masala movies...
anyway neyar virupam..shall post more....soon.
Sanjay..there is nothing to post abt trisha..very usual..chirch park,ethitraj, miss chennai contestant etc
crazy me..thanks for reading my posts and leaving comments :)
amigo..this post is actually for you, glad you liked it
lavender - you are the best. thansk for chekcing my blog regularly
Arun- your comment gives rise to may more posts in the blog - mens right, unusal rights etc.latea vandhullum latesta vandhuttey

Neeraja said...

hey do you know if Shyam's cousin is Sunil Shetty?

Pls start seeign South park :) Mr Mckay (Picture in this post is the best mmkay)

busyblogger said...

Neeraja - Shaam and Sunil way.Shaam is a tamilian, born brought up in Madurai.I dont think sunil shetty is any of those. Only connection is that he is the morai paiyan of shaam's girl friend...hehe in the movie 12 B

busyblogger said...

Comments from Hari Kunda Reddy

Luv the Mr. Mackey pic that is a big tick from my side which also blends perfectly with the info below..

4 – Thoppa matter totally out of context

5 – didn’t think Sandhya was that young

11 – Same with Asin

12 – I always thought she had sharp looks.. Surprising that she hasn’t tried her fair share in movies yet – maybe thats how she wants it to be

18 – Roja did her Masters right, I don’t think it has anything to do with Political science and university.

21 - Akshara Haasan – good on her - like father like daughter maybe she could have opted for traditional dance

24 – Iam sure there is more than just the name that is common between those three.

Sanjay if you want to know about Trisha then you have to wait till I blog, again it depends on yevalluvu kevallama I can write cuz I can go on about her..

All in all good info kept me interested for as long I read it but not long lasting – look forward to ur next.

Anonymous said...

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