Thursday, November 27, 2008

Movie Review

Ok after years of planning to start a blog, finally it is surya / gautham / Harris team and offcourse some time in my busy life (duh!) to start my own blog !
Where should I start.
Oh ! well every tom, dick and harry writes their own review about every movie they watch. The sun tv guy wears a suit , walks up and down the stage and gives a 2 line review about every movie ( after sathyaraj mocking him in one of his movies, condemning him for sitting down and deciding fate of multi crore movies in 60 seconds, he must have decided to walk in the show).

Here is my review on the most recent movie I watched “ Vaaranam Aayiram”. To begin with there was so much of talk regarding this title, explanations were given to our manavaadus as to what it meant, again another rumour that it had something to do with ‘Forest Gump’ wonder what ! may be the weird title ??? Gautham sure did realise it, so made simran utter something meaningless in the last scene mentioning the title.

Anyway got to start with Surya first...What can I say?
Watching him as a lover boy in Nerukku Ner to this movie, you can definitely notice his change in everything I guess, dance, dressing sense, acting, voice modulation. Man he is one determined hardworker. I still cant imagine how they made him look like a 17 year old. Can brocholli do this magic ? Surya as brand ambassador for brocholli can do what Poppoye did to Spinach ! I am sure all the mechanical boys would be in their flash back thinking about their experience with ‘ Heat and Mass Transfer’.

The first half is truly magical. The whole Surya- Sameera episode is like a poem. I must mention the music here. Every song ‘Mundhinam Paarthene’ – So much hype for the 2 lines surya speaks than Naresh Iyer and Prashanthini but their voices go soo well together. ‘Nenjukkul paidhidum ‘, what can you say, a typical hariharan song.’Yethi Yethi’ – Picturisation is very cute, especially MJ.haha seriously surya super dhan but why do they have so many voices in one song, it makes me listen to the song a zillion times to differentiate which voice goes for what line. Why cant life be simple like the 80s were there were just 2 voices in the whole song.

Anyway coming back to story line, the story sort of drags after sameera is gone.
I somehow feel the dad-kiddo relationship could have been better. With all sentences of surya ending with daddy, I could not see the dad as an inspiring hero, except for the situation when he drives the lorry I guess. Well its nice when daddy says bring your girl friends home and talk, but is it such a big deal?? may be it’s a boys thing ! Also when surya says to his dad that he should relax in life while the dad was actually lying down and reading novel was like ( naan ippo mattum yenna panren ! ) It would have been nice if they had shown the dad rose to some situation and showed some heroism. I think Simran was as much a model mom with all the hype for the dad. She stood by both suryas throughout the movie like a strong, determined lady. Btw why did they have a poor sister in all scenes with no talk of her marriage, while her own classmate was married to the brother and had a kid !

Bablu as villain and the background score during the kidnap, as friend KV says is a disaster. Gautham showing just his eyes in the climax is a true ‘hehe’ moment.
Annnal mele panni thulli was a true Bombay Jayashree piece, even though Sudha did as much justice. Anjala , kathick’s pronounciation is very good. After listening to many udit narayan, kher songs, its truly nice to hear such good tamil.
Overall Vaaranam aayiram deserves ‘Thoranam Aayiram’


Amigo said...

Oh busybee.... your sorting out about the movie is good.... it true dad role for Surya did not had any inspiration for Hero instead of showing the difference in makeup.

At last you have give KV, a reconciliation of his words and your views.

VelAuz said...

Good work Raji

VelAuz said...

In the event of brightening of the financial crisis, I anticipate and assume that there will be more funding on into the Tamil movie industry. Hopefully this should increase the essence of quality,

Saying that movie industry is a hark work and busy schedule in my opinion would be an under statement. It requires much more perseverance and commitment- perfect example is Surya in this movie.
Every movie that is released isn’t that great in all perspectives, few if and buts to compliment the team work. Doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, we fantastic, fanatic fans of Kollywood, living outside of India watch every Tamil movie that is released. So we are in brink of having a depletion of high expectations but this movie has filled in gaps of bad double action 'beautiful tamil son'movie memories of the past.

But comparing today to where kollywood was a decade ago it is mind blowing to see the advancements -Surya/Surya scenes wow only .. make up superb effort and input.

Considering the recent abuse of graphics ,luckily they didnt use graphics for amusing things like dolphin swimming in a lake………..guess u folks know which movie I am talking about...

No wonder they call it the ‘virtual reality’!!!!!

Busy Bee, what say you???

busyblogger said...

Velauz, good on you for taking the time and effort to leave a huge comment. As promised you will be able to post something in the blog as my 'special' guest.i agree with your thoughts ( as always!)

Lazy Blogger said...

Cool blog and nicely written review and analysis. I watched the movie last week. It wasnt bad, but just seemed pointless on the whole. But Surya was HOT!