Monday, December 1, 2008

Small Talks !

There are some days at work when you are just sick of staring at the computer that you just need a break or have just too much to do that you don’t know where to start and you really don’t want to start as you know for sure it is opening the Pandora’s box. What do you do ?

It is times like this I take a walk to the kitchen 22 steps away from my seat or go to the café downstairs this is 48 steps in the staircase ( Ya one day I was so bored that I counted the steps ). Anyway I walk to kitchen in the 3rd level and fix myself a cup of hot green tea and stare through the most awesome view of all ( view of the Dandenong ranges and the busy intersection )

Now the last thing I want is a meaningless ‘small talk’. The ones I hear all the time are :
‘ it looks beautiful isn’t’
‘ Looks like its going to rain’
‘ how long do you have to stare through the glass until a car crashes’
It is quite funny but I would have a brain freeze and wudn’t know what to say, would mumble something and smile !

What is worse ?

Monday – ‘ How was your weekend’ or ‘Oh ! I hate Mondays’
Tuesday – Thursday – ‘Oh ! its only ------day’ fill it with that day
Friday – always always ‘ Thank god its Friday’ followed by ‘ Any plans for weekend’

Same conversation in the café with the coffee maker ( nice man gives me occasional free muffins and punches twice in my coffee card, so I get my free coffee soon)

So why does all conversations in work place around either weekends or weather ?
Is it the same in India?
Does any of you have any other topic to talk about?
Have you heard of anything funny?


Lazy Blogger said...

cute topic! Its absolutely the same, anywhere in the USA. The only other topic is the next big football/basket ball game around the corner. I feel very left out in my new company. Either everyone is very silent and reserved, or they just dont want to talk to me cos I am left out of the chitter-chatter!

LAVENDAR said...

Machi it's me...subhashini. My office workers are the best and it is especially fun when it is satirday since our bosses don't work and we can chit chat freely and loudly. it is like college days...they tease me with other employees and I do the same thing to them. we pull pranks on each other and give nick names. we gossip and exchange food/'s a lot fun.

busyblogger said...

Ha ! here the topic is footy and i am so lost. 2009 resolution is to know more about this, so i get a third topic to discuss !!

Lavender - Thanks for all the comments. You are so lucky i guess in having such a good team, tell me more what is the composition male/female ratio, Indian / American/Other combination ? I a

Lavendar said...

2 girls and 5 guys all american except me and another indian guy. Sometimes they talk about sports and that is the only time when I don't have any input. But most of the time it is about video games or which stores give how much discounts and eventually comes nback to how arranged marriages work? if me and senthil are cousins?! and other indian culture questions. it's nice.