Monday, December 8, 2008

Going Yellow !

Smile is Contagious and so is a frown !

Have heard about the smile being contagious but experienced the smile and frown disease very recently.I work with a girl from the regional web team, she works from Sydney while I am in Melbourne, have never met her and I always go to her only when I need something done. Ofcourse being in HR I don’t have lot of work happening through web team.Now each time I call her, she knows for sure I am calling for something but she always sounds so happy. When I hear the bubbly voice, I can see her speaking with a pleasant smile on the other end. Then my tone changes from “hi, how are you? “ to match her enthusiasm and I was hanging on to this enthu for like another 15 minutes after I hung up.

I met my colleague from my previous work a few days ago, we organised this lunch meeting as a casual catch up, but I have to confess that I needed to re charge the good person inside me and needed some positive energy. She said I wasn’t like this at all. I was one of the positive energy radiator and she could not believe I was losing it !

Then I realised I used to be the web team girl, I always walked into work with a smile, sometimes with a box of goodies for our test kitchen ( we had a table in the middle of the HR department where we shared new snacks in market and we called it our test kitchen). There was MW who would turn anything and everything into a joke. I have laughed loud, forwarded funny emails to other colleagues making them laugh out loud. We have shared jokes and laughed till we had tears and we always always said ‘ if it weren’t for this fun team, we would be depressed with the work’ coz we were very busy and had to deal with unusual, unrealistic expectations from Department Managers.

Then I changed jobs and work with a team , lets says is not as funny or light hearted as the old team. I still have unrealistic expectations and busy work, but with no jokes, no test kitchen, no light hearted colleagues, it makes things harder. It made me sit quietly at work and even start a blog !!!I slowly felt that the good side of me dying and the mean side of me taking over. I smiled less often, never laughed and carried out this monotonous “Hi, how are you? “ and other things mentioned in my “small talks” blog. I don’t forward the funny things I receive in my email, I don’t share my snacks (he ! he!)

I thought well, as contagious as the smile is, so is frown. Now is it as easy to smile and laugh while everyone else is so serious and mean to you? Then thought one is I should not let the good side die and two the least I could to is be energetic and smile when I bump into someone or when I pick up the phone. Spread the smile around!
Now just like a zillion Indian movies where they try hard to prove the title of the movie in the last scene, here is mine. Since wondering blogger wrote about going green, I have named mine going yellow – which I think represents smile and sun shine !.


blogger said...

very good post. its so easy to be infected with negative vibes right. lets be the inspiration than looking around for inspiration :)

Amigo said...

Whether it is smile or frown, it is truth that what u give, will be what u get. Pardon my scattered words may be right or wrong but I think message conveyed. Yellow also means happiness, prosperity and well being.