Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mystery of the 'missing socks'!

I am struck by this strange mystery at home. There is most definitely something happening.

After I do my weekly laundry, I always end up with atleast 2 pairs of socks missing their respective partners. Not once, not twice, every single time, not just adult socks, but also my little girl’s socks.

I make sure I put them in pairs when I wash them. Then i take them out to dry in the drier or in the cloths line in the backyard. Then i sort them end of that day (rarely!!) or as soon as i can. I am not sure if its the washing machine or the drier or even the sun. If the sock eating monster is indoors or outdoors.

I first thought junior was doing it, so now I hide the dried cloths away from her reach until I get a chance to sort. Somehow I always end up with this singles.

I have a huge collection of these single socks, hoping someday its partner will come back and they will live happily ever after, but my sock tales hasn't had a happy ending so far.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have happy sock families would not know the importance of this post. For some one like me, who would buy a new pair pretty much during every shopping would still end up spending a good 10 minutes every morning trying to find a pair of socks will definitely appreciate this.

Somedays in the mornings, when hubi is looking for socks, i throw in my helping hand, trying to sneak through a mismatch. But hubi with his sharp eyes will find out immediately if I hand him different socks, even during the busiest mornings. They are both black for heavens sake !
All of junior’s socks are pink, but i still cant find a nearest match between the singles to do some mix and match.
So i have absolutly no use whatsoever with the single socks now. But I have a separate compartment in the robe to store single socks. What if I run out of space (which is due to happen very soon!). Now I need to take the toughest decision, whether to throw the singles or still hold on.

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LAVENDAR said...

This is the reason I buy socks in bulk bags. There is like 20 pairs and all of then are white with the ankles in pink color. That way I don't have to match them up. Any 2 will be fine and Aishu is happy cause there is pink in the socks(what is it with girls and pink?!) I buy it from Walmart and it is cheap and lasts for 2 years. try it.