Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dual roles

Dual roles or Double acting in kollywood is so over rated. It becomes a significant milestone in a heros career if he does a double act role. Infact a hero cant do double acting when he enters the field, you need to get some mass appeal, before people can tolerate your face in 2 forms.
In the yester years, MGR or sivaji would try that with 2 roles beard on / beard off roles , Mole on / mole off roles. We would see a line in the middle if they both appear in the same scene showing that this was a cut and paste scene.

Then with competition in the market forced the heros to work hard to make the difference significant enough while technology and make up advancement helped them present it better making you forget that the 2 characters are indeed the same guy. Like Kamal in Indran, Chandran, Michael Madana Kamaraajan, Indian, Surya in perazhagan, Rajini in Billa where they had to change accent and body language appropriate to the character.

Now there are some movies of Chithappa (Sarath) and Meena which ridicules the concept of dual roles. It was always wig on and wig off roles.

Anyway I am attaching pictures of a hero who did double act in a recent movie. Remember these are 2 different characters. While I watched this movie I found it really hard to recognize them or see them apart.

So the quiz is for you to identify 6 differences between the 2 hero, well in normal circumstances we approve only significant differences some exceptions are made considering the hero has a simple costume change between the roles.
Now when you do find the difference (if any), put them in the comments section for me to evalauate. Competition closes sunday 21st December 2008.


Amigo said...

I am not sure or could not find any difference but right person for the job is "Eapulla....". That person will find u the difference that any one can miss and would be the winner of competition. So I would like to take the guest position of (horrible) honor when u announce the winner.

LAVENDAR said...

hey...been wanting to leave a comment for so long.....yeah I think our dual roles movies suck too. looks very forced. on the other side of this not-so-different roles, I didnot even like the roles of Kamal in Dasavatharam...none of the roles looked genuine for me....looks like he tried too hard not to resemble other roles.