Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sinusoidal Wave

This is the basic sine wave that you would have studied in your physics in school and college and but did you know that has a big relevance to life ?


This concept was formulised (duh!) by a bunch of girls (now aunties) in the year of 1996 and has been in use ever since. When things did not turn out the way it should be or the way you wanted it to be, there is only one thing that gets you going. HOPE.


Famous gyani Garfield ( hehe the cat in the Movie Garfield 2) says “ When the going gets touch, the wise ones party”

It did help us big time as we could simply laughed at the flopped plans, laugh at each other because we all knew for sure, each one of us will have to ride this rollar coaster.

Now to the concept, a sinusoidal wave is defined based on two things Amplitude and Wavelength. Amplitude is the peak deviation from the centre ( i.e the height of the wave in either direction) and wavelength is the distance between two peaks. The super figure below would help you understand this better ( if you did not know this already !)

As you see the waves (in the figure above) are of different wavelengths and amplitudes. You will also notice the amplitude goes in both direction above the mid point and below the midpoint and that my friends is Life.

Now here is the Thathum 501. This is exactly how life works ( more or less ofcourse!)

Each one of us get a different type of wave, the broad one, short one, tall one etc. The positive amplitude represents the happy days you get , on the flip side you are in for the same amplitude of ‘not so happy’ times in life too. You simply can’t have your waves going just up all the time ( and vice versa). The waves takes dip and pushes you quite down (same amplitude you see), but again once you finish your turn of unhappiness, there is hope. You wave needs to go up for sure, in same proportion to your ‘ not so happy’ state. This is when wavelength plays a role. When your positive finishes and when your negative starts and vice versa are decided by your wavelength ( I guess ‘karma’ would have a good effect on this!). But it’s a rule.

As much as you get stressed and angry with life during the negative amplitude phase, when you get to a point of frustration, think about this. There is hope my friends.

It is when the lines of ARR ( Vaali) touches my heart.

Ellappugazhum Oruvan OruvanukkeNee Nadhi Pola OdikkondiruEndha Vervaikkum Vettrigal VervaikkumeyUnmai Ullathil oor Vaikkumey

Now if any of you are looking for a classical touch, here are lyrics of Kavingyar Kannadaasan ( not recommended for tanglishly challenged folks!)

Mayakamma Kallakamma
Manadhile kuzhapama
Vaazhkaiyil nadukamma

Vaazhkai yendral aayiram irukkum
Vaasal dhorum vedhanai irukum
Vandha thunbam yedhuvendralum, vaadi nindral ooduvadhillai
Yedhaiyum thaangum idhayam irundhal, irundhi varaikum amaidhi irukum

Mayakamma Kallakamma
Manadhile kuzhapama
Vaazhkaiyil nadukamma

Yezhai manadhai maaligai aaki
Iravum pagalum kaaviyum paadu
Nallai pozhudhai iraivanuku allithu, nadakum vaazhvil amaidhiiyai thedu
Unnakum keezhey ullavar kodi, ninaithu paarthu nimmadhi naadu

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LAVENDAR said...

hey...when did u become fruit? or maybe I have become dumb....I am hearing these words(applitude, sinusoidal, etc) after years. Nice blog! and abt what u commented on my blog...exactly...u being totally opposite is normal, and hence those are the things that make me different from others, which is what my blog was all about. Thanks for confirming that...:)