Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Talk !

I am not going into kulal inidhi yaazh inidhu pazhamozhi….( a proverb that says no sound of music is better than the ramblings of a kid) but sometimes when I have this conversation with my 3 year old, I am surprised with her vocabulary. Some of the words she uses, I wouldn’t have known them until I was like 10 or older..
Anyway here are some of the things that took me by surprise when uttered by her.

1) I am applying moisturiser for baby after a shower
Baby – mummy you missed my back
Me – I have done it baby
Baby - Smarty pants mummy !!!!

2) I am helping her dress up for our weekly visit to the temple
Baby - Ohhh ! this is gorgeous, I look like a fairy princess

3) Hubi singing ( he is a pretty good singer..unlike me)
Baby - Heyyyyy ! stop it, I am trying to sleep

4) I am asking her to nap and turn off the TV
Baby – Daddy my friend..mummy silly BOY!

5) We are walking in the shopping strip and she abruptly stops sometimes and I am trying to get her to walk again
Baby - Don’t push me mummy, I am standing here

( I wonder why she would simply decide to stand in 1 spot and think while we are walking !)

6) Watching Ice Age 3 -Ellie the mammoth gives birth to a baby mammoth
Baby - “aawww, soooo cute”

7) Any question starting with ‘why’ like why did you do this ? Why did you push diya? why dint you finish dinner ? etc..the answer invariably is
Baby – ‘Ofcourse’ !!!

8) Hubi – Do you like mummy or daddy?
Baby – Mummy
Hubi – Do you like daddy or mummy ?
Baby – Mummy
Hubi – Do you like mummy or daddy?
Baby - Daa…ummy ( obviously confused)

9) me – Let me help you with your shoes
Baby – No ! MYdo it

10) Classic - One fine day
Me – What’s that noise ?
Baby – My bum is burping !!!!!!!


Lazy Blogger said...

She is so cute! Can we swap babies till my baby turns 3?

busyblogger said...

haha...i agree is so much easier, when they can understand you :)

Mudra said...

hahahahahahahaha... waaay cute! i'm following you NOW!

a2z4u1ly said...

hi.. papa per enna?? hope by now she may b more intelligent and mischievous.. and doing her schoolings..