Monday, November 23, 2009

Myths !

Myths – I have a had my share of myths. I believed some for few days, some for few years and a couple until now !!! here is a list
1) I thought fried rice was raw rice deep fried in oil
2) I thought fried ice cream is a myth, you cannot fry ice cream without it melting
3) I really thought fairness cream will make you fair in weeks ( I tried for 8 years before I gave up)
4) I thought foreigners came from one country outside India and they all had blonde hair, fair skin and spoke English
5) I thought the world might stop spinning one of the Sundays and then I would never have to go back to school again
6) I thought you would make babies by kissing ( ok I was like 5 then ! )
7) Babies poop cannot stink, they drink just milk anyway
8) I thought colour of the food you eat and the colour of the skin were related. Example - Drinking milk will make your skin lighter and drinking coffee made it darker
9) When you lose a teeth, you need to hide it. If anyone saw it, then that gap will never be filled. I had to invent new places to hide my teeth everytime as my brother threatened to find it and i was scared i might never grow another teeth !
10) When i made faces, my mom said they would freeze and I will have a frown all my life. ( I just do 1 now..which little one imitates impeccably!)
11) If you eat a seed, a plant will grow in your stomach. I spent weeks worried about an orange pip I ate
12) If you ate too much, you stomach might burst ( I sort of sense why they would have told me this!)
13) When I tried to scare my little cousin with a cross eye, I was told my eyes would remain cross eyed forever if I used the trick to scare someone
14) The length of the hair and your body weight are inversely proportional. If you had long hair, all the food you ate would go straight to the hair and you would never put on any weight. (there was a phase in my life when I was underweight and yes I am telling the truth!)
15) If you swallow chewing gum, it will get stuck in your throat or ribs and the doctors will have to do a surgery to remove it. I dint know they get digested/ excreted like any other food !
16) Shampoo had chicken poop in them that created the foam, more the poop more the foam. Ok my grandfather who has never used a shampoo told me this when I was 4 or 5 and I was hesitant to use shampoo for few days until my brothers cleared it for me !
17) My brother said he had eyes at the back of his head and he would know if I did anything silly behind him.
18) A white spot on your nail means you are getting a new dress. I have tried to scratch my nail and show to my mom
19) When I wanted to see a dentist to pull my canon teeth down, my dad said it was a lucky charm and if I pulled it, the charm will go away !!!!
20) I believed when hubi told me the note ‘wastages will be charged’ in the ‘Banana leaf’ restaurant meant, the hotel manager would come and weigh your plate when you finish, calculate the wastage you have in your plate and charge you for that. I ate everything in my plate except curry leaves because i knew they dint weigh much.I was 26 years old then !!!!


buddies retreat said...

Absolutely great myths list
which everyone of us would have experienced same as you at least one of those from list.
Honestly even after watching a serious plane crash video this list made me smile.
good one :)

Anonymous said...

good list ... as a kid i used to believe that chinese kung-fu ppl could really fly and walk on water...

Mudra said...

lol! love it! therez quite a few on that list that i belived quite a few yrs of y life included :)))

busyblogger said...

Thanks Mudra

manoharan.nadar.advocate said...

i had a glance at the is interesting