Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Judge

I know judging others is bad and as much as i judge others, they would be judging me too, but couldnt resist. Here is the list of 10 different kinds of people i would judge.
I Judge....
1) People when they buy a big bowl of chips with coke and take the lift to 1 level up..especially when this person looks like someone who can reduce some weight..hehe like me
2) When someone eats sushi and steamed vegetables in a buffet (also uses lite salt!)
3) People on their mobile phone ring tunes and the volume of it
4) Desis trying hard to sound like videsis with their with dodgy accents. This is annoying when the blending in so hard is taken overboard
5) Someone who would plan dinner menu at 8:00 am (hehe…that’s me)
6) School kids sitting in the park in uniform and being naughty !!!
7) The girl who never smiles at me, never talks to anyone but her 1 colleague at work and has her table lamp on all day, even though she sits right next to the window (no there is no glare, I have checked it)
8) The ex boss who asked me for my due date every time he say me....through out my pregnancy.( the man was probably doing a count down !)
9) People who say they are absolutely stressed at work and there is sooo much to do, when you actually know there is nothing to do!
10) The mathematical abilities of the sandwich lady who charges me differently every single time. I eat the same boring salad sandwich every other day.


aLvii said...

i am glad i am judged by you only on 2 of the 9 points highlighted here.. and i take the lift up 2 floors not just the 1.

buddies retreat said...

wish to add my qoute

Judge the situation and understand the person

Mudra said...

nice! total judger here EEE