Sunday, October 18, 2009

Useless Information - again

Quoting 'Illiya Thalapathy Vijay' - I have tried several different roles in the past ( extremely difficult double action - one guy with hindi accent and another without it, role with 6 fingers, role of a car mechanic, cycle mechanic, kaaka, kuruvi etc) but my fans like to see me only in commercial movies and this is why i come up with masala movies every now and then (also read as always). Similarly i have tried awesome posts like movie reviews, song reviews, more movie information, but nothing is as famous as useless information. The number of readers and comments are inversely proportional to the quality of the information provided. In order to quench the thirst of the elite group i am friends with and their taste for information, here are more useless information

1) The name of the guy who acts as Joginder Singh in Abhiyum Naanum and as Officer Arif Khan in ‘Unnaipol Oruvan is Ganesh Venkatraman was Mr.India 2003 and represented india in Mr. World 2004 ! He was very convincing as a sardar and Muslim Police officer.
2) Ajmal, the actor from Anjadhey and Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru has studied Medicine in Ukraine. He is married and has a kid
3) Narain, the Malayalam actor from anjadhey, pallikoodam started his career as an assistant to Rajeev Menon bfore beginning his acting career
4) Silambarasan alais simbu was born on Feb 1984 owns a brand new while BMW X6, first of its kind in Tamil Nadu
5) Music director of Eeram, Thaman was one of the boys in ‘Boys’
6) Hero of movie Eeram , Mirugam ( which I am not planning to watch at all!) is also called as Pradeep Pinisetty, born 1982, studied in Donbosco and studied engineering
7) Chakri Toleti the director of Unnaipol Oruvan appeared as the courier guy in the movie Dasavatharam (thanks KV)
8) Actress Amala Mukherji was born Irish Mother and Bengali Father
9) Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan’s parents graduated from IIT Bombay. His father works as Director of Operations in Silicon Valley. He is trained in film making from Los Angeles
10) Siddarth born in 1979, studied in DAV boys school, Chennai, B.Com from New Delhi and completed his completed his MBA in 2001 from S.P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
11) Aadhavan story was written by Ramesh Khanna with Hasile Fisile shot in South Africe and yenno Yenno shot in Ice land
12) Anushka ( heroine in ‘rendu’ and ‘Vettaikaran’) born as ‘Sweety’ (ya that was her name) on Nov 7th 1981, was a yoga Instructor before she came into movies.
13) Abirami ( heroine in ‘Virumaandi’) was born as Divya in July 1983 ( is she that young !!) has a degree in Psychology
14) Vasundra Das was born in 1977 (older than me!!!), graduated in Economics and her nick name is ‘Lovely’ ( seriously..think out of the box parents!)
15) Action king Arjun’s full name is Arjun Sarja born in 1964, married to kannada actress Asha Rani and has 2 daughters Aishwarya and Anjana ( Tamil actors should stop naming their daughters Aishwarya – this is the 4th one I have known)


Neeraja said...

Hey Ajmal Ukraine la Medicine padicha news sonnadhu naan. So, credits la en per podu :-D

Also would like to add Ajmal got the best Newface Filmfare award-from Sriya Saran. Romba mukyam ;->

aruna said...

hi oru additional information, 'unnaipol oruvan' inspector sethu raman is originally Dr. Bharath reddy busy cardiologist working for apollo, Hyderabad..

source kungumam varamalar.. hehe:-)


busyblogger said...

awesome aruna, i am impressed with your depth of knowledge. you should become co editor for

busyblogger said...

awesome aruna, i am impressed with your depth of knowledge. you should become co editor for

busyblogger said...

Neeru..mannichuko machi...creditsla un peru miss aagiduchu !!

a2z4u1ly said...

all your views are good... some are informative... thanks !!!!!