Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I always refrain from writing a bad review about a movie. If I like a movie, I would make an effort to write a review, but if I don’t like it I cannot be bothered spending my time thinking and writing about it. Also I sometimes feel it is not fair. A lot of people would have spent time, money and effort for that movie. If I did not like it, it was probably not my kind of movie and I wasn’t the target audience. The target audience may like it, like Kandasamy ( don’t get me started on the kozhi dance..which hubi does at home to entertain little girl), Pokkisham, Sarvam, Ninaithalle Innikum etc.

Anyway I watched Aarumugam yesterday despite serious warning from behindwoods and mitch. Now I cannot resist writing a review on the movie. First question to Bharath – what were you thinking ?, same question to Priya Mani and Suresh Krishna as well.

Lot of people think it is similar to Annamalai, I want to confirm it is different from Annamalai.
1. Rajini was paalkaran( milk man), Bharath owns idly kadai ( background music...todoying)
2. Rajini’s rich friend had villain daddy Radha Ravi - Bharath’s rich friend (with similar gold frame glasses) has villi Akka Ramya Krishnan ( tada doying)
3) Janakaraj – Karunas (tata do doying)
4) Rajini becomes rich after a song and becomes business magnet in like 18 years. Bharath becomes rich after a song and magnet in like 1 year may be. I don’t think they could convince bharath or Priya mani to do a daddy/mummy role..just yet (mudiyalai..vallikudhu)

Anyway quick review – Rich boy Karthick and Poor boy Bharath are friends. Rich Akka Ramya does not like her brother and his low class friendship. Walks around in awesome designer sarees, contact lens and gorgeous accessories, separates the friends. Now poor boy challenges to become rich over night with a number of punch dialogues ( how short are his fingers, in some scenes I thought may be he had them folded, with so many close up scenes and every second dialogue being punch they should have used Anyway end of song (which we forwarded) owns 4 new idly kadais, couple of scenes later is very rich and owns bungalow, then big contractor who can get the entire rich villains to the street. Then everybody realises their mistake and lived happily ever after.

Twist in the story - Josier says karthick’s wife is pregnant and the baby could ruin their status. So villi hires Poovilangu mohan, a doctor to kill the baby. But when movie finishes, Poo mohan comes back with a 2 year old toddler and gives it back to Ramya !! He must have been following her, because he knew when she has changed her mind and where she was at that time - aiyo aiyo !!!!

Every other scene where Priya comes next to Bharath – there is a song in ridiculous costumes and something that will let Bharath dance too much.
Bharath agreeing to play the role of Rajini konjam 3 much dhan.
The trend of remaking / suttufying Enligh movies, then hindi, then telugu has been changed by Suresh Krishna. You can remake your own movie. God save Kollywood and people like me who bothered to watch it, write about it and you all for reading it.

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Comment from Buddy :

Murgan idly kaadai la saapudum poothu Director story think paniiruparu poola. Thats the reason movie title "Arumugam" and theme Idly.

Idly irutha theme la Vadai(Finance) poochey!

Intha follower oru veendokool.

Mathan thirai parvai style la oru caption pootu complete paangu writer, Puthu Idly pazhya sambar.