Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Useless Again - Sorry

I am beginning to feel like Dr.Joseph Vijay coming back with yet another masala - useless information. But please hear me out. Like every other weekend when we get together, we discuss 2 topics - cooking/recipe or useless information. There will be a question, do you who.....mostly by KV/mrs.KV, sometimes by 'pearl'. There is nothing the 3 doesn't know..esp bollywood/kollywood wise. So the information provided here something even these legends did not know, that i had to research about and publish considering the well being of the public.
Also it has been a month since i posted anything in my blog, i have been too busy at work - but i researched on atleast 2 topics every time i had a chance and i could only do 17. So here are the useless information for the world to benefit.

1) Ganesh Janardhan – the character artist in the movie ‘Vinnaithandi Varuvaya’ is also one of the producers of the movie
2) Simbu is 26 yrs old – born in February 1983, quite interestingly his parents got married in September 1982..hehehe
3) Divya Subramanian, Miss. Chennai runner up in 2001 is best known as Kanika. She won TamilNadu state award for Educational Excellence while she was in School and is a Mechanical Engineer from BITS Pilani !
4) Kanika married a Software Engineer from USA, offcourse !!! – and he is the brother of actress Jayashree ( remember her…!)
5) Kanika born in 1982 became Miss. Chennai runner up in 2001, while Trisha Krishnan born in 1983 was Miss. Chennai in the age of 16..ya right !!!
6) Slight change of field, Dr.Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India, has Economics degree from Panjab University, degree from Cambridge University and Oxford University, standing first throughout his academic career.
7) Dr.MM Singh has 3 daughters all with successful career outside politics – One is Professor of History and written 6 books, Another graduate and written 1 book and a novel and the third is a staff attorney !
8) Abdul Kalam, born in 1931 graduated from st.Joseph’s college Trichy and Masters from MIT, Chennai. He is the first Asian to receive Hoover Medal, America’s Top Engineering medal for his contribution in public service.
9) Director/ Actor/ Producer Sasikumar has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Madurai ( close KV…not quite right though)
10) Actress Urvasi’s real name is Kavitha, born in 1972 married actor Manoj (‘arasu’ from movie Thirumallai) in 2000. They have a daughter named ‘Kunjatta’ (why ! why! name a kid like that!)
11) Ramya Krishnan, born in 1967 ( I dint think she was 5 years older than urvasi..remember ‘Panchatantram’) when she acted in her first movie opposite Y.G.Mahendran and she was in her 8th grade.
12) Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong to a Muslim Kashmiri father,Mohammed Kaif, and a British mother, Suzzane Turquotte in 1984. Kaif has seven siblings. She was raised in Hawaii.
13) Raveena Tandon was born in Mumbai in 1974 to Ravi Tandon and Veena (that’s where her name comes from!) and she has a cousin named Kiran Rathod, who is a south indian actress!!
14) Talking about Kiran Rathod, she is from a rajput royal family and was born in 1981 !!!
15) Deepika Padukone was born in 1986 in Denmark. She is a Mangalorian and played badminton in high school at the state level.
16) Vidya Balan born in January 1978 to Tamil Iyer family in Palakkad. She was signed to act in ‘Run’ then was dropped out after the first schedule. She was then signed to act in ‘Manesellam’ against Srikanth and was dropped out on the grounds of ‘non-performance’ and was replaced by Trisha (duh !!!!)
17) Harris Jayaraj, born in January 1975 started his music career programming scors and drum percussions for ARR(we know this), he then worked as a keyboardist (that’s a word apparently) for Yuvan, Karthik Raja, Vidyasagar and Mani Sharma !


Alvina said...

4 weeks and you put this one here.. where is the part about me? i miss you... call me or email me sometime soon... X

buddies retreat said...

Tamil cine missed vidhya balan..ada da VB missing.

Sivakumar said...

My my...did people really know this much info and you did back end validation? I am thoroughly impressed.