Monday, March 1, 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

We have seen plenty of movies where they try hard to justify the title of the movie and make the comedian repeat the title of the movie in the climax, so we all know.
But Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya is just a beautiful name for such a well presented movie. Every few minutes when the title is repeated as a background score, you know how well it suits the story.

Needless to say ARR’s music – he adds more passion to the story with his songs and music, than anyone else in the movie.

Gautam Menon’s chooses to write screenplay around real life incidences, which makes it more believable, more practical and close to heart for everyone.
The story is about a young aspiring director who falls head over heels for this pretty girl. The story runs around the dilemma of every girl in the situation, keeps you anxious as to what would happen to them and finishes in the most believable way. I have seen a few of these in real life.

Gautam always writes his story around a mechanical engineer who ends up doing something completely opposite – which is him offcourse and apparently this is his first love. Man he has few love stories to share – coz I thought Minnale was his and so was Vaaranam Ayiram.

I am not a big fan of Trisha, but she has been so well presented in this movie. Infact she has tried few more expressions in the movie than her usual smile and more smile expressions. Infact she has acted well…or may be I was just concentrating on her costumes, how well dressed she was, that I did not notice her acting too much.

Simbu – hubi’s favourite, has done a fantastic job. His costumes, his subtle acting, his passion, all so fantastic. I actually got reminded of Uyire - the passion, the love but in a more believable screenplay. Way to go Simbhu…mark my word ..hehe

Hubi watched the first day first show was all ‘ gaa gaa gee gee’ about the movie, like any other simbu movie he watches ( he watched silambattam a zillion times and not just for sana khan). Anyway he offered to baby sit so I could watch the movie and inspite of being a big movie critic loved this movie.
Watch it once and you will associate yourself with atleast a couple of scenes in the movie..i am sure it has happened to all of us, mottai madi / next door girl, first crush, unforgettable train journey, dilemma , family pressure, what not.

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Devi said...

hey gud raji.. i was thinking y didnt u update ur blog for a long time n heres the new topic...... i donno whether the movie is gud or bad.. but after reading ur comments wud luv to watch...