Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby Talk - II

My little girl is a ‘mini me’ in looks but her attitude is sooo not me. Although I am glad she makes friends easily, not shy and not afraid to try new things..i must say…she has some Attitude..with capital A..

1) Normal day. Not pressure. Nothing to upset her..
Me: Baby, can you please turn on the light outside
Baby: No, you do it
Me: Please baby, mummy is cooking awesome vegetables for you ( I have give a hype everything I cook to keep her excited about food…sometimes I am stuck with raised eyebrows all evening)
Baby: Okay…when I eat the vegetables, I will become a big big girl, then I will never ever ever turn lights on..

2) looking at the insect spray – mummy is this for pissing ants?
…what she means is when you spray, it does make the psssng sound…which when you say sounds like pissing ( she doesn’t know the word per say..trust me)

2) Middle of dinner
Baby : Mummy 'my' dint push anyone in day care today
Me: Did you push someone in day care today ?
Baby: Noooo ( with a smile)
Me: Are you sure ?
Baby : Giggling…. I pushed Jordan in the play area today
Me :Whyyyy??? ( eyebrows raised!!)
Baby: Because 'my' wanted the bike and he was sitting on it, 'my' pushed him

You go girl…. ( although I thought this, I dint tell her)

4) One fine morning
Baby: Mummy I no suck my thumb yesterday, 'my' princess or ugly duckling ?
Then found out – Mr. daddy had told her if she sucks her thumb she becomes ugly duckling

5) This is a tough one
Baby: younothalumee
Me: Pardon
Baby: Younothaaaluuuuu meeeeeeee
I was like..’Me’ puriyudhu..wat else is she saying..after making her repeat a few times
Baby : 'My' saying in Temil…
After a while I figured she was saying.. You No ‘thalu’ me – meaning..dont push me


Aruna said...

'youunothaluuuu meee' thought was a new word in her language 'kili kili ku'
papa Temil chance illa..

buddies retreat said...

we can name it as "push bike" ,
if you want push who is sitting on it.

Well little one is smart and honest too by revealing in a cheeky way.

Sivakumar said...

Nice one!