Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why does it rain in Melbourne ?

Quoting Thirukkural

Nallar oruvar uLarel avar poruttu. ellorkkum peyyum mazhai ( translated to “ if there be one righteous person on earth, there will be rain for him and the people around him”)
Now what is the reason for my elite talk …I got my wallet back and guess what with the 20 dollars and USB stick in it..literally untouched.

I never thought I would ever see it again.

The wallet was handed in a police station the same afternoon. Although I complained in the nearest 2 police station and enquired, this was handed over to a station away from home and it took them 18 days to contact me.
In the meantime I had replaced all the bank and health cards (that were free) and tried a few times to buy a new license, but the screen froze both time I processed payment and now I have my license back ! It was a sign…thanks for the wishes and prayers friends

p.s – Alvi thanks for your support during the hard time ;)


Alvii said...

im not sure if telling you on an hourly basis that it wasnt going to turn up was me being supportive... but I am glad its back in your 'safe' hands (hehehehe!).. makes me believe there are some really honest people out there... (just a few)

Amigo said...

Good to hear that.... nalathu ninapin.... narae nadapaa... (Good thoughts leads to good deeds).....

Granger said...

Adiyey, adhu thirukkural illadi. Konrai Avvayar. :). Anyhow, thamizh than andha mattum sandosham