Monday, August 3, 2009

Angels & Demons


Do you believe in the forwards that says – send to 10 people in 10 minutes ? I get them allllll the time from people but not once have I forwarded it. I usually delete them straight away, unless they were funny and worth forwarding. So I received this forward about an ‘angel’ from one of my managers who never sends me forwards. The day was very average and so was the week. So I decided to send this email to 10 people within 10 seconds of reading it, with a note ‘ I could really use an angel this week’.

Story of the week

Take 1
I drive back home and its freezing – as usual. I try to open the door, it is stuck. I tried soo hard while freezing and struggling in the dark, no luck. It was one of days vel is in university until 10:00 pm with his phone turned off! ( don’t ask!)

Take 2
I don’t lose hope easily. Thought of alternate options. I had the keys to the front yard door and the keys to side door.
So I open the lock in the front yard door now what are the odds. This latch is stuck as well. I could not open it at all.

Take 3
I call mitch who lives 5 minutes from home and you guessed it right - he did not answer to his mobile or the home phone. All the other friends were going to the airport to see off ‘ferni’ on his trip to end his bachelorhood.

Take 4
Finally got through to KV who offered to come in the next 20 minutes and help me before he left for the airport. He also suggested I could speak to Shangy who was actually visiting his fiancé 10 minutes away from home. Shangy came in straight away, could not get the door as well, but managed to climb on the bin, jump through the fence, open the side door and let us in. We were inside after about 45 minutes of struggle. Thanks to the ‘Angel’ for Shangy and KV !

Take 5
3 days later, I am shopping in Clayton – usual grocery. Parked the car far away from bank/atm so I can get a good walk to withdraw money and then do the shopping. When I finished shopping, got the bubby into the baby seat, put the stroller in the boot, hand bag in the left hand and was going to put the wallet into the hand bag…obviously not. Because I couldn’t find the wallet in my hand bag 10 minutes later. Walked back and forth in the parking lot and the shopping strip, could not find it. So lost the wallet with 20 dollars, bank card, medicare, medibank cards, coffee voucher and my favourite picture of bubby.

Take 6
Walked all the way to the bank again and cancelled the card, bubby kept saying she was hungry and I had no money. The bank guy must have felt bad, so he let me withdraw money without any proof of identification. I took 50 dollars out of my account, walked out wearing my optimist hat, thinking worse things could have happened (I could have had more money in the wallet, someone could have misused my card). Walked back to the car, took the mobile out of my pocket and realised the 50 dollars was gone. Don’t ask. It was GONE.

Take 7
It had started drizzling by then, bubby was sucking her thumb getting ready to sleep. May be she realised I was not going to get her any food and I was in a bad mood, anything she said would have upset me. So she just kept quiet. I went back to the bank- all the way again, asked for another 20 dollars. The bank people were now giving me weird look, they must have thought I was out of my mind. This time I went straight to the car, touching the money every 3 seconds to make sure it din’t vanish again. Bought lunch for bubby and guess what she was already asleep in her little seat.

Take 8
Went to Clayton Police station to lodge a complaint – it was locked !
Finally lodged a complaint in the nearest police station, after a few ‘ you are always careless’, ‘ you should have paid more attention’ and ‘ I told you so’

After the eventful week AND weekend, I cant help thinking if the angel has already paid its visit or not ! I am still wearing my optimist hat thinking, things could have been worse (ya right!) or may be someone might return my wallet ( Yaaaa right!). For now – “ vennam…vallikudhu…aludhiduven”


Alvi said...

i believe that good things happen to those who are patient.. stop leaving your phone at my desk in the hope that when you return someone would have left a message saying they have your wallet and your $50 too... it will come... and if not, well you have an excuse to buy a new wallet which u didnt have this time last week :-)

busyblogger said...

Thanks Alvi...after losing the 70 dollars, i dont think i can afford to buy a new wallet..i might end up using the old..tattered one that bubby uses as her toy !

Amigo said...

Thangachi..... annakku ooru phone poturungthana.... areavai ek mare dho thukada vakirukalamae......

anyway pona povuthu poo... kasum... panamuthanae....

Senthil said...

Always Loss is equalized by Gain.
We might think what is Gain and Pain here?
Worst experience is the Answer.

Felt sorry for the little one.. : (

Angels might be working under priority, so we can wait for our turn to come.. I think thats why we say Life is all Twist n Turns.