Sunday, August 22, 2010


My voting experience started since Indra Gandhi times when I accompanied mummy to the booth, meticulously accompanied through Rajiv Gandhi days and the years of congress and DMK.
I have voted in the paper stamp once and in electronic system in India. I would ensure I was early in the morning so they don’t use my vote with a dupe. I have been a responsible citizen, in fact I checked with my parents to ensure I was removed from the list, so no one casts my vote.

This year, I voted in is quite a different is how it is

1) The election day is in the weekend – you don’t get a public paid holiday..duh
2) You can vote on that day or pre vote i.e you can vote before the election day in the pre vote centres. So if you have something on the election day or want to avoid the queue, you can cast it earlier. I think it is open for a week before the election date.
3) There are heaps of centres in every suburb
4) The staff are quite friendly
5) There are no banners, no loud speaker anywhere around the centre. There were 2 old women standing outside the booth to give pamphlets – 1 for liberal and 1 for labour
5) It was a windy day, so when the small stand with the picture of the labour party rep fell down, both women worked together to fix it. ( No they did not throw shoes on the banner of the opposition party leader)
6) No ink in the finger
7) Just show your address proof, they give you ballot forms
8) Cast your vote in the booth, fold and put in the box - using a pencil to number the choice
9) The whole process from parking to voting took less than 10 minutes, considering the centre was on way to work and I cast it prior to election day
10) If you fail to vote, Australian Electoral Commission will write non-voters for explanation and fine $ 20. If no explanation is given / fine not paid there will be a legal proceeding and you need to pay $ 50 fine plus court costs
So there is another thing you did not know about me, myself and my world

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