Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Impressed with Cheran’s autograph and its lollu sabha version, here is my ottai graph Needless to say flash back is an end to end comedy story that misses ‘vaigai puyal’.
I am so glad hubi doesn’t read my blog.

1) I was in the 8th grade I think, we had PT ( Physical Training) for 2 hours twice a week. End of the session I was in charge of taking the props we have used back into the PT room. When I walked towards the room I saw this super senior standing outside and giggling for no reason and when I walked in, I saw 3 of my super seniors standing there pants down. Obviously they were changing in the PT room and the giggling senior outside was to make sure no one walked in.( yenna vachu comedy keemady pannalaiye)

2) The heart throb of the early 90s was obviously Aamir Khan. The three musketeers ( self along with L and S) were convinced this senior guy looked just like AK. So we decided to make friends with him We spent good part of our pocket money to buy this dairy milk chocolate bar, wrote a note saying “we think you look like AK”, all three walked together towards him, when I was standing in front this guy, I was alone, buddies had disappeared. What is worse, mr.smarty pants refused to take the chocolate from me. God knows what he thought, I was soo embarrassed and spent rest of the year hiding from him– loser ( naan avana sonnen!)

3) I was in the 11th grade, having serious arguments with daddy convincing him to buy me a cycle, as I thought it was ridiculous walking like 2 kms to take a bus for 1 stop. Dad could not see my point, so I decided to take my brother’s ‘street cat’ – boys cycle to school. But i did not want anyone in school to see me riding a boys cycle, so I took cycle from home to a friend’s house next to the bus stop and would walk the good 1 -2 km to school ( image kettupedumla), one fine day while I was in my triathlon of walking from school to friend’s house, then riding the cycle home. I had 2 other friends who would ride the cycle with me and there were these 3 boys from another school following us on a regular basis. When I saw these boys passing comments about us in the road, I lost control and fell down in the middle of the road. I hurt my knee so badly that I still have the scar. Idhu thevaiya ( appa ippova kanna katudhey !!)

4) 1st year of college, new found freedom was amazing. Formed a gang from day 2 based on one common factor – Big B, the handsome bloke in class (then !). One fine Saturday ( it was half day working then), we were all coming back in the same bus as big B and were deciding on lunch. Somehow we all ended up going together for lunch and needless to say spent the entire afternoon discussing Big B, only to find big B offered to come only because he thought V was coming along. Then we wondered how B would have spent his entire afternoon cursing the time he wasted with us ! ( vada pochey !)

5) We were in college – late 90s. Now we were called the ‘spice girls’ (duh !). Staff ( cant remember his name) who doesn’t favour girls is like the hero among the boys. This man walks into the class and talks about the performance and behaviour of the students, turned to our side ( 5 of us) and said this whole row is useless. No we weren’t humiliated, we were honoured that we were accused as part of the ‘ galeej’ gang boys. ( yenna thitinaalum thaangudhuga – rombah nallavanu sonnanga)

6) We were in 2nd year college, told all the parents that we were doing combine studies at N’s place (while her parents were away at work). Our studies started with 30 minutes of college gossip, next 15 minutes about movies, then decided to watch the movie “kuan’. Next few minutes we were in the theatre – the whole study group. After getting the ticket our only worry was what if we bump into someone from our college, because we had oil on our hair and were wearing the casual chudidhars. So we took the last row and spent the next couple of hours worrying about how to protect our image ( vaaliba vayasu !)

7) I was one of the 6 girls who were going to perform in the college day for a western fusion – cant remember the songs now, one of them was ‘final countdown’. So we are in the backstage ‘ most happening’ place in the college. We were waiting along with all the performers and the boys group who were there providing moral support to the performing girls ( no need to guess who would have been there for sure). We walk to the stage , standing there with our pose and the tape wouldn’t play. It was messed up, , we just stood there for few minutes and was asked to go back. The staff promised they were going to fix the tape and would call us back and we waited and waited and they never called. So I just walked out frustrated and cursing the guy who recorded the tapes – no need to guess again – none other than hubi dear and he just smiled at me continuing his moral support while I was cursing him ! ( room pottu yosipaangalo ! )

Anyway revealing more stories from past would result in tremendous damage to the anni/akka ‘image’ I have now. So comedy story stops here !


Anonymous said...

Irnoic we were the only 5 girls that were there in the entire theater. So much for thinking about "oily hair"

Lazy Blogger said...

u have an anni image now? Cha, eppadi irundha née.......

busyblogger said...

Thanks N and lazy blogger for the imemdiate ersponse - hmmm since hubi's friends (ex - bala subbu) younger brothers call hubi "anna", i have become "anni" - atleast innum yaarum auntynu koopidalai ! thank God

Granger said...

ive trained my son to call u guys auntie! if thats anything. But seriously, u have a kanck for being funny with words. Do try ur hand in that! - "H" (I was the one who compered ur dance show, and kept announcing , like ido varaanga, vandutte irukkanga, vanduttanga!!)