Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ayan - Movie Review

Don’t ask me what it means or its relevance to the movie. Atleast Vaaranam Aayiram, they made simran say this word, but I don’t know why they named this movie ayan and what it means !

Anyway going into the movie, the movie starts with surya in Chennai airport, dressed up like a cool dude, speaking to this corporate guy, then helping a single mom with a baby etc, all the time speaking in English and walks out of the airport only to change his language in a split second to local tamil with Prabhu. Surya has kept his body fit from the VA movie and is quite handsome. Surya appears in a few different makeups including perazhan, VA daddy role, Kaakka Kaakka and even like lady.He changes his hair style and beard for every scene and song, that KV strongly suggests couple of them were wigs !!

The story is probably 2 lines but the screenplay is fantastic. Interestingly the movie gives importance to a few characters like Prabhu, Renuka, Jegan and Ponnvannan, apart from the hero, heroine, villan combo. All of them have done a fantastic job. No overacting, no annoying acting. Just right with the flow of the movie. Especially jegan, we have seen him in the screens before, but he has done a pretty good job. The only part that I am not comfortable is his response to surya and tamannah falling in love. It is interesting to see the other side of the story wrt ‘thiruttu vcd’, smuggling drugs, director’s copying scenes from English movies, diamonds in Africa.
One thing that has not been given any importance is the logic ! hehe….well we don’t really need it for most Indian movies.

Tamanah is the pretty sister of Jegan ( yenna kodumai sir idhu !) and does the job expected of her. Thankfully she is not just a pretty face but can act as well. Hopefully she will learn Tamil soon and work on a better lip sync with the dialogues. Surya bumps into Tamanah while she is changing her dress and the next time they meet they are already in love ! Not sure if surya has got special instructions, but he makes it a point to say he likes ‘jo’ than Asin or Sameera reddy ! duh !

Following the tradition there is an introduction song for surya, song when he meets the heroine, when they celebrate his birthday and when they get together after a misunderstanding. But thankfully the songs are beautiful. Nenje Nenje with mahathi and Harish, vizhi moodi yosithal – Karthick are very nice.
Out of the blue you see Koena Mitra with a very bad nose job and a 2 piece dress dancing in the pub and you know surya would walk in and walk out of pub so they can connect it to the movie ! If you are wondering why the face seems familiar, well because we have seen her in the title song of Dhool with Vikram.
The camera is good.( that’s much I know about the topic so my comments cant go beyond good or bad). The screen looks beautiful and colourful, lots of blues, whites and yellows.

The movie does remind you a bit of ‘catch me if you can’, but the Indianisation of it is definitely awesome. There is enough sentiment, stunts and comedy to keep the flow.

Well all movies come with some ridiculousness, the missing logic is something you can forgo but definitely not the annoying villian Akashdeep saigal from “kyun ki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”, his awful dopey facial expressions and his terrible lip sync.
If you wonder if there is anything worse, yes there is Haris Jeyaraj’s background score. It is terrible. When there is surya doing a serious somersault in a climax fight, you hear a “droooing” noise as background score.grrr

Overall for me , kudutha 16.50 dollarsku they showed more than enough of surya (hehe). Good time pass. Leave your cynical hat at home and you can enjoy this movie as much as I did. Before I forget thanks to hubi dear for baby sitting ( it’s a shame he doesn’t read my blog !)


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Lavendar said...

I want to see this movie...with Vijay doing really boring movies(did u see villu?) and Ajith looking totally ready for daddy roles...i have started to like Surya a lot these days. His movies are tolerable and sometimes interesting even. I like tamannah too...will wait for someone to lend me the CD.
Machi, the picture in my blog is actually a video. It has pictures of all 3 recipes.........